Texas Road Trip

I might be the only person in the state that doesn’t think Mi Tierra is worth a stop.

The Ultimate Texas Food Road Trip

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Reviving this post just to say, what’s in the car for snacks is important. I found this in one of the many convenience stores that stock Texas snackage today. Must remember for the next road trip. We recently drove 1,000 miles and back, this would have been super at times during those many hours. Opa agrees.


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Okay nvm. Tastes bad. Opa is mistaken.

Our family’s Aggie tells this one:

Q. How do you tell a redneck from a good ole boy?

A. The good ole boy throws the cans in the back of the pickup.


Wrongamundo. The Wifeacita and I went once and didn’t like it at all.

This from the ultimate Texas road trip.
Houston and Galveston are separated by about 45 minutes of saltwater marsh on I-45.

My cousin in League City is going to be upset when she hears this.

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Don’t Mess With Texas!

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