Texas Monthly's Fifty Best Burgers in...TEXAS

The List.

Submitted without catty comment.

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And just why not?

The Chron’s take on the list.

I’ve mentioned before I just don’t eat burgers very often any more and I know I’m not the only one on this board. I had a little flurry of interest in The Burger Joint when it opened, but it passed. I have no interest in standing in line for an hour for the latest Austin import (Hopdoddy). But I admit I’m a bit intrigued by the State of Grace Burger, not that Lambowner hasn’t already provided enough incentive to try this place.

The other recent burger arrival I’m interested in is Kuma, which has gotten very good press. I admit part of my interest is just due to having been putting off for several years finding my way into the Greenway Plaza Underground. A friend, much, much more of a coffee connoisseur than I, has urged me to try Greenway Coffee and there’s the brick and mortar location of The Rice Box Truck, which is supposed to be excellent Americanized-Chinese and which I never caught up to when it was mobile.