TEXAS MONTHLY - Houston Meatup!

June 24th. I’m definitely going!


this looks really interesting!

Yep. Thought so, too. Got my ticket. Meet y’all there?

Definitely a possibility! Lemme check calendars.

Looks very innnaressting! But, I’m expected at an anniversary celebration taking place up on Lake Houston that afternoon and I will be overly stuffed from that so I’ll have to pass.

Take pictures! And share them!

Thanking you in advance :slight_smile:

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Any more interest? Doobs?

Nah, I’m out.

I don’t love those kinds of events. You stand in line for twenty or thirty minutes, get literally two bites of something, rinse and repeat.

I’ve done a couple of those things, (BBQ Fest for instance), and they leave me wishing I had just gone somewhere good and ordered what I wanted.

Oh, but it’s fine for YOU, of course. :wink:

Whatever happened to our “DimSum-Do”?

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The calendar reveals an anniversary that weekend! How soon they forget. Guess I best tend the home fires.

The 170 buckaroos for two scares me off. Two people can eat BBQ very well at least four times for that.

I saw your post and thought “No way” so I went to the website and sure enough you were wrong about the cost.

You missed the $5 handling fee, so it’s $180 for two, BUT

and it’s a big “BUT”, booze is included.

So that’s another reason for me NOT to go.

No no one wants to see DoobieWah get his money’s worth at any all-you-can-drink affair, believe me. :grin:

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Wrong. I’d actually pay big bucks to see that. Something tells me you’re hilarious.

Had hoped to do dim sum with an expert - my son’s Chinese girlfriend, but alas they broke up. Guess we could all get together for a non-expert dim sum muddle-through.


We can muddle through! We can start with a list of possible places to go? In Chinatown, I’ve only been to a couple of places on Bellaire.

Chinatown Restaurants

Well that’s just mean!


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Doobie performing? What will be the cover charge for this show? :slight_smile:

Apparently $90 and an Uber back and forth!


A bargain at any price. I’ll volunteer to Uber him home. Or wherever he decides to go.

Actually, Doobie Bros are in town this month! And now I think of another set of Doobie Bros first when I see this!

Doobie performing

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Ha! That’s funny. My first rock concert was an all day affair that had the Doobie Brothers headlining and Santana, Marshall Tucker Band and Pablo Cruise opening. It was at Jeppesen Stadium in April, 1975.

I was 14.

Over 40 years ago.

Wow. Bet it wouldn’t be the same. :wink:

I was there too.:open_mouth: There is a story about my group that was there that day that I’ll have to tell you in person, and could never be committed to writing!

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So this event was today.

Looking forward to your review(s).