Texas Monthly - 120 Tacos to Eat Before You Die

Texas Monthly Speaketh

18 from Houston on the list, 2 in the top 10.

Culture Map’s take on the list.

Time for a Taco Crawl!

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I see that they once again missed Mi Casa in Houston.

Best tacos in town.


I had a craving for tacos today and remembered this list. I had every intention when this was published of working my way through the local recommendations (already been to many, of course); I’m just now getting started.

I went to 100% Taquito; I used to hit this place pretty regularly but I think I remember issues with overly loud TVs or music and declining food quality? Anyway, none of those problems were evident today.

I went with the the Tacos Mixto on maiz, 3 fresh corn tortillas with one asada (beef fajita), tinga (as recommended by TM, chipotle beef brisket) and one mole (chicken) with some of their pico and salsa verde from the condiments bar, plus maiz en vasito chico (corn, crema, queso fresco and chile) and a refillable fountain drink. All this for less than $10.

Good food, better than I remembered, but I’m not sure it needs to be on a bucket list.

For a class project by some UH students, this place has proven to have durable legs and has held up well. With the wear and tear over the years, it probably looks a lot more like one of the real Mexico City taco stands it was meant to replicate. I sat right behind the taxi in the dining room.


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