Texas late 70's

Ok, this is for my good buddy corvette johnny from the New Jersey board who says I tell good stories. The following is a true two part epic and the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. Somebody at work said I should do a screenplay.

So, we take off from Houston for Big Bend National Park in my truck for the 600 mile journey, three friends and myself, four sets of headphones and two captain’s chairs in the bed.

We head west on I-10 and hit the small town of Sanderson where we procured 20 cases of beer, y’all come back now you here.

Back on the interstate we spy a Chevy Vega with Louisiana plates and two nice looking girls heading from New Orleans to Los Angeles on vacation. After a brief chat on the side of the road we Shanghai them to the park for some camping.

About 500 miles in I give up the wheel, sit in a chair in the back, take something mind altering and enjoy the mountains on both sides and Steely Dan.

Life can turn on a dime.

All the guys had their own tents. Lizard and Bernice hit it off at once, shared the tent for the week, eventually got married and had kids.

Linda shared tents with myself and Davis on alternating nights, myself first of course.

She never spent time with Hank but they ended up getting married, go figure.

The girls helped eliminate our supply of stuff so I was elected to wade the Rio Grande into Mexico, since I was the only that spoke any Spanish and took care of it, thanks University of Houston.

There was a side trip into Mexico on a hand pulled ferry across the river and a mule ride into the town with a bar with no windows and a bad pool table. The “town” is Bouquillas, Mexico. We split a bottle of Mezcal among other things and Davis drank the worm.

part two to follow.


I think I saw that movie. Did anyone skydive?

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I’ve driven that stretch thru Alpine and Del Rio. Desolation alley.

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I was a little worried where this was going, Shanghai and all.

Oh for the days you could cross the border and party the night away in relative safety.

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I forgot to mention the food. Everyone was content to eat grilled Spam todos los dias but after two meals I threw in the towel and paid through the nose for frozen hamburger patties from the park store, one of the best decisions of my life.

If I ever see another can of Spam I’ve got plenty of shotgun shells to dispatch it and any other that comes close to me.


I don’t like heights and certainly not going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. We did scale 7800 foot Emory Peak which is really a walking trail, but just beautiful views.

Lizard did a 70s version of a selfie by mooning 800,000 acres of the park on the edge of a cliff. I wouldn’t come within 50 feet of that precipice.

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Well of course. Spam must be fried. :rofl:


Look out for shotgun pellets, lots of them.


Part two tomorrow, this one is for you, 1979 Willie Nelson 4th of July Picnic weekend epic.

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Will Waylon be in the mix?

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Never saw the man play but I did see Willie many times. Johnny Paycheck will be involved.


God rest his soul.

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HA! I knew that was you!


Waylon and Willie were two voices that were separate musical instruments.

In the company of fewer than 100 we saw the genius of Waylon’s poet outlaw songwriter and his monster picker son at least a decade before this recording:


Not to be confused with Johnny Russell.


Well I have to say any story that starts off with 20 cases of beer is off to a blazing start! I wish we had some pics of you guys cruising in the truck. I bet those were epic. Looking forward to more…


They’d have been drawn and quartered nowadays.

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I have a cool story of a camping trip that kind of reminds me of this journey for some reason. “My friend” got set on fire but made out ok, and the rest of the day was far better thanks to some luck and things taken. I’m wondering if we should turn this into a colorful story thread. I don’t have any crazy TX stories really but I can contribute :slight_smile: I think the TX board has the best threads. I like reading them.


Let’s hear it.

Nobody got set on fire, that I can remember.