Texas Historical Commission looking for historic taquerias

Re: Chico’s/El Paso second pic: I’ve read smothered tacos are a thing in El Paso. I guess that’s what they look like. Now I’m hungry.


Chico’s Tacos are genuinely bad. A pile of taquitos in a paper bowl submerged under what can only be described as tomato water and topped with piles of cheese. There’s a comedian who has a whole bit on its effect on the human body.


Here’s the Daytripper’s review.


ETA: I would absolutely try that.


Mr Lamb is native El Paso, but he refuses to go :joy:

I had them once.

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Oh Yeah! Tex-Mex junk food (or is that redundant) and there’s nothing wrong with that. But maybe I’ll try this at home and save the trip.

Maybe @Jaymes has had them; she’s gone out that way I think.

P.S. I thought I had heard it was just tomato sauce.


Wow…embarrassing. I used to live right up the highway from El Paso, & have driven through there many, many times - most recently just a couple of years ago - but never had heard of Chico’s Tacos. Truthfully, though, I don’t usually eat in El Paso - I’m always waiting to get to Mesilla for lunch. Been contemplating another road trip soon to New Mexico, maybe on to SF Bay area. If I do it, definitely will have to check out this.