Texas Grapefruit around Boston

Any sightings? I recall getting a bag of sweet Texas grapefruit at Costco a couple years ago, want some more.

the answer, as always, is market basket (any of them). I’ve bought the sacks of grapefruits at costco at least 2 or 3 times and there’s always a rotten one in there, forget em.

Is this the Red Texas grapefruit?

Yes, red! Have you seen it? I’ll check on MB, thanks to pasta.insight.

Haven’t seen it, but been missing it since the last time I was in Texas.

Saw them @ Costco in Dedham past Saturday (1/9). They also had the “Sweeties” which I bought a bag.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll be near there tomorrow! Tried some from Somerville MB (Scarletts) which are pretty good, not quite as sweet as the ones I remember.

FYI, the “Sweeties” or Oroblanco (hybrid with pomelo and grapefruit) were very good:


Found Texas red at BJ’s in Plymouth. Haven’t tried them yet, but they are all good, no rot.

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