Terrance Brennan (formerly of Picholine) now running Roundhouse in Beacon

Terrance Brennan, formerly of Picholine in NYC is now the chef at The Roundhouse in Beacon (Dutchess County). They apparently have a soft opening now with the grand opening on 11/1 to coincide with HVRW. I made a reservation for the final night of HVRW, hopefully they will have their act together by then (reviews on Opentable are somewhat mixed so far). The regular menu looks interesting, the HVRW menu is not up yet. For those who have not been there, the restaurant space is lovely, with great views of Fishkill Falls.


Nice, Mr. Bill. Looks like a trip to Beacon is in our future. Please report back about your HVRW experience!

I have enjoyed Chef Brannan’s work for a number of years, especially his cheese-centric Artisanal. We are seeing a number of NYC operators (Brennan is from Scarsdale) take a shot in the Hudson Valley. A couple of years ago Chef Zak Pelaccio of Fatty Crab fame opened an ambitious farm-to-table spot in Hudson, N.Y. called ‘Fish & Game’. Looking forward to visiting both…

interesting news about the new chef at roundhouse! i thought roundhouse was excellent several years ago, and was impressed with their menu. they simplified things several years ago and i hadn’t returned, but hopefully can figure out a way to get there.

fish & game (hudson) is excellent, but when i can get out, i’m partial to crimson sparrow a bit more. i hope to post about my recent (last weekend) trip to crimson sparrow which, as always, was outstanding.

I seem to recall that the original chef was the guy from Valley (Garrison). The manager was Seamus, who I knew from Xaviars in Garrison many years earlier. We went there for HVRW and had a great meal, then my daughter stopped by for brunch after going apple picking in the area and it was right after the chef had changed and it was completely different (simplified, as you said).

I made a reservation for Sunday dinner, and t turns out that the dining room is not going to be open then, only the lounge. The HVRW menu will be the same, however (I don’t think it is normally). So the views won’t be as nice (which makes one wonder why they can’t just keep the dining room open for HVRW). The other option is I can rearrange stuff and go on a Saturday.

Report back, please. BTW - we used to love Xavier’s at Garrison! I still miss it.

We used to go to brunch at Garrison all the time. We went with my kids (who I guess were 5-10 at the time), they could go outside and play if they got bored. I am convinced that is where they really learned to enjoy good food.

One time, I organized a group brunch at Xaviar’s in Garrison with members of the food board on Prodigy (obviously the Garrison restaurant has been closed for a while, but that tells you how long ago it was). John Mariani, then the restaurant reviewer for the Journal News and the food board expert on Prodigy joined us, and much to everyone’s surprise, Prodigy picked up the tab. John subsequently wrote a review of the restaurant in the paper.

I remember when the Journal News had an honest to goodness food critic! Kind of a long story I will try to shorten - when we first went to Xavier’s at Garrison my husband had a ton of food allergies - dairy, tomato and even pepper. I called ahead and was told there would be no problem and the receptionist took down a list of what my husband could not eat. As you know, at Xaviers there were two choices in each coarse that were all paired with wine. We were all given our menu and my husband was told to order ANYTHING he wanted and his allergies would be accommodated. That was before chefs cared so much about allergies - Peter just made sure my husband enjoyed his meal as much as we all did. Great food, great atmosphere - great night. Peter is tops in my book since!

We actually never went there for dinner. With so much stuff that I don’t eat, it seemed like it wouldn’t work, plus we aren’t big wine drinkers. However, Peter treated us very nicely, especially with the kids.

Well, it turns out I won’t be dining here for HVRW, after all. They’ve decided not do to the restaurant week menu on Sundays in the lounge, which is when I was planning to dine there.

Sorry. Now where?

I don’t know. Maybe Yefsi Estiatorio in Eastchester, their menu looks good (they have lamb chops). Or Twisted Oak in Tarrytown if they ever get around to posting their menu.

Any suggestions? Crave’s not doing Sunday dinner, either.

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