Terra in Danbury, CT

Looking for someplace we have not been and I found this place. Does anyone have any info on it? It gets good reviews on Zagat, but I usually don’t give them much cred. Thanks!

We went here last night after having heard that the food is very good. It might be, but the place is so chaotic and loud that I don’t care! They are clearly going for that hip vibe. Compared to Terra, Fortina is a romantic evening! The music here is so loud, and it’s dance music, that my husband and I could not hear each other, and we were seated next to each other, not across. There are 3 bars. The first is really a bar to eat at in front of the open kitchen. We were seated immediately behind it and moved because of the people standing and leaning on the back of my booth. And the noise! So we were seated directly in front of the open side. It was a bit better, but here, people mill about. Going outside and congregating there. There is another very long bar inside and one outside. The outside seating is also very strange. Plastic tables and chairs that look like a place you would sit and eat your hot dog. Our server was very good and helpful. DH had carpaccio which was good. I will say the shards of parm were fantastic. He also had veal flank steak with a chimichurri sauce and grilled zucchini. The flavors were very nice but I would have liked the veal to be sliced thinner, not in chunks. I had pizza. Yep, I love pizza. This one, not so much. It had a very, very thin crust but it was nothing special. My local slice has a better sauce. We did not have dessert, just expresso, which was fine. The wine served was a healthy pour, which I like too.

This place is in the hotel Zero Degrees, a very trying to be hip hotel! Perhaps if we had been seated in the area of the restaurant where most of the tables were, my experience may have been different. But in the middle of the floor, where people were congregating, and watching them tossing a ball outside did not help me overlook the very loud music. I won’t go back, nor would I recommend it. Unless you feel like dancing at your table!