Since I got some great leads for new bottles to try from the Scotch thread, I thought I’d start one for my other favorite spirit.

I am currently thoroughly enjoying a bottle of Herradura Coleccion de la Casa Reserva 2012 Port Cask Finished Reposado. The slightly start into the complex body with plenty of agave followed by a smooth finish are a fantastic combo. This one is just really WOW.

So, what bottles of tequila have you all been drinking? What are your favorites? Feed me…

Herradura Blanco 46: http://www.herradura.com/#!/tequila/blanco/

At 92 proof, and un-aged, I find it to have most agave flavor. Very raw, grassy.

I am a bit of a purist. I stick mostly to blancos. Forteleza is my favorite so far.


Actually, my head is more into mescals these days. Smokier the better.

I’ll take mezcal over tequila any day.

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any you’d particularly recommend?

My tastes may not be mainstream, so keep that in mind.

I like Sambra because it’s really smokey. And affordable. I use this in a mixed drink.

Illegal is among my favorites. A classic.

Del Maguey Single Village is good.

Mezcal Vago.

Leyenda has a few mescals, but I can’t recall which one liked.

And especially Nuestra Soledad. Which reminds me I’m out and need to get this. This and Sambra are sort of my two go-to mescals.

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I was lucky to try a few different ones at a great mezcal bar in Berlin… but of course failed to write them all down.

Illegal is pretty much the only one available at our store. Would love to try Sambra.

Illegal is one of my favorites. Will drink it any time, any place.

It’s just become even more favorite for me :laughing:

I’ll drink to that. No fan of The Donald here.

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