Tennessee gems?

We have three days each in Nashville and Memphis next week. Please share your recent hidden gems. Thanks.


One of my favorite places is on the road between the 2 cities – Ramey’s BBQ in Parsons, just over the TN River. It’s wonderful old-school place. Another classic barbecue place is Helen’s in Brownsville, a short detour. Both are truly hidden gems. In Nashville, we. like the Tavern, a very nice gastro-pub in Midtown, and Jack Stack’s BBQ in Midtown. We had trouble getting into lower Broadway because of all the party buses with bachelorette parties (you wouldn’t believe it), but had a great time at the Listening Room. Oh, and breakfast at the not-hidden Loveless Cafe: the biscuits are worth the drive.

In Memphis, the barbecue place to go is Payne’s. Avoid Central and Corky’s. I haven’t eaten at other restaurants there in years.


Many thanks John. I’ll make a note of these and try to get to some.
Re the Nashville buses - I think we’re booked on the Redneck one. LOL.

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Yay! Planning a trip to Nashville in early Jun. We are going for a conference, but I have family there as well as in nearby Alabama. Last there about three years ago.

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Not hidden, and I haven’t been there yet, found it interesting that JG Vongerichten is running the restaurant in the historic Hermitage Hotel. I visited that space when it was The Capitol Grille (not the same as the chain The Capital Grille), which was the nicest dinner I had in Nashville 9 years ago.

Vongerichten’s Drusie and Darr Instagram profile

I sent a gift from Nashville, as a care package, to my uncle at the beginning of the Pandemic. Just including the link to give an idea of some local stuff you might be interested in purchasing.
Taste of Nashville


You might try the hot tub party bus.

Great idea! Can catch Covid, an STD and a wicked hangover, all for the price of a single ticket.


Maybe some local craft Syphilis? :rofl:

Alberta has seasonal craft Syphilis, the season starts during Stampede. I bet Nashville is able to offer it year-round.

I am sure you have made your trip by now but just in case…

  • Nashville- The Redheaded Stranger, Mickeys Diner, The Nashville Biscuit House.

  • Jackson (about halfway berween Memphis and Nashville on I40- Exit 87 BBQ, Old Town Spaghetti Store, Old Country Store, Redbones

  • Memphis-Gus’s World Famous Chicken, Hueys, Rendezvous, The Butcher’s Shop Cordova

  • If you venture off I40- Hagy’s Catfish Hotel- Shiloh, The Wall- Henderson, Junkyard Dog- Hohenwald.,


Thanks. I don’t think we ate at any of those, but I still remember BB Kings ribs in Memphis. Went twice in March.

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