Tennessee Bobs-Peabody MA

Did not feel like cooking tonight and I needed coffee (among other things) from Trader Joes so I headed to Peabody and stopped at Tennessee Bob’s BBQ.
Choose the Chicken/Rib sampler, full rack of ribs and a chicken. Cut up and presented in a foil pan. Added a couple of cups of their tangy sauce and headed to TJ. Picked up a bag of slaw and a baguette and went home. Popped the meat and bread into the oven, tossed the slaw and set the table.
It was very good! The ribs were meaty, tender but not over cooked. The chicken was excellent, moist and smokey. The tangy sauce was a good compliment to the slow cook.
A fair amount of leftovers for the grill tomorrow night, with a few sausages from the fridge.


thanks for the review, @grumpyspatient! I do not get to Peabody a lot, but I do have some spots bookmarked for when I do: Brothers Kouzina looks good (I think @Ferrari328 wrote that one up on his blog), have heard good things about the phyllo chicken pie at Eva’s Pastries as well as D’Orsi’s and Larry Levine’s Deli. Londi’s is also on my looooong list of super roast beefs to try. I have Gallo Nero cited too, though I’m not sure why–maybe a North Shore Eats Facebook page rec, which are sometimes doubtful. Any intel on these or other nearby Peabody spots that are worth a look?


I haven’t any intel but now I know some spots to try! Will post if I do.

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