Ten Ren bringing Taiwanese Food to San Francisco Chinatown?

According to Hoodline, the space owned by Ten Ren at Kearny and Washington which houses the never-opened Tii Restaurant, will reopen as Hanlin Tea Room. Based on the names (Chinese and English) and fonts used, and the logo (which is oddly similar to aiirbnb’s logo), it appears to be a branch of a Taiwanese chain which has some good-looking food on its website.


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Thanks for the info, Soupman.

That project has been an enigma to us, as we walk by periodically. The big Tii space was all set to go for a grand opening a year ~ two years ago, with kitchen, counters, tables and chairs. The Tii tea spot next door had opened and was doing business for a few months, then abruptly closed.

The Tii restaurant doors never opened for business. Anyone have any idea what happened to them? Permits? Funding? Bad feng shui?

There’s plenty of unverified Chinatown scuttlebutt involving permit issues and personality clashes, even a crossed Rose Pak, but I have no idea what’s what.

I stopped and peered in the windows today and it looks like it’s nearly built out. The main window has a Japantown-like display of plastic food models, presumably representative of the food they will serve: