Tell me more about the Mexican places near Italian Market

Last time I was bopping around S. 9th, I noticed many taquerias and other decidedly non-Italian eateries. A lot of them looked promising, but I was wondering if people at favorite places in that particular area.

I wish I could be more help here - I have gotten tacos numerous times down there but never really made a note of them - generally chose for expedience as in “I am hungry here are tacos right in front of me”

Last time I had tacos at Prima Pizza Taqureia right on 9th street north of Washington it looks like they just converted an old pizzaria? They were good and authentic hole in the wall tacos. I was starving so maybe not the best judge.

I usually get Bahn Mi instead when I am down there but there is lots of exploring to do. I have to go to Fante’s on Saturday so maybe I will check out a new Mexican Joint in the process.

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Thanks, JT - was kinda counting on you, since the rest of the Philly brethren doesn’t seem to have made it over here just yet.

None of them are great in my experience, though I haven’t been to all of them. Blue Corn and Los Taquitos de Puebla are two that are generally regarded as good, I had one passable and one bad meal at the former, I used to be a big fan of the latter but after 3 bad meals in a row I haven’t been back in at least a year.

The best taquerias I know of are further into South Philly. The best by far is South Philly Barbacoa. Also very good are Los Jimenez at 6th and Oregon (great Al Pastor) and Los Gallos at (I think) 10th and Wolf.

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Cool. Thanks!

I’ve been to Taqueria Veracruzana on Washington. We thought it was pretty good. Not the best I’ve ever had but definitely hit the spot. I don’t remember what tacos I had, but I think they had a couple of good sauces. I’d definitely go back.

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Thanks for the leads a good excuse to visit that side of town.

We just have yuppie fusion tacos up this way

I will second Prima Pizza as a good choice, especially for tamales. It’s the first choice of the Mexican kitchen staff at my work!