Teatro Recently?

Meeting friends for dinner and someone suggested Teatro. I haven’t set foot in there in over 5 years when it was great for a pre show dinner. I was wondering if anyone has been there recently and can offer their impressions?

Was there before a show recently and enjoyed it as usual. Most always order their fish special which is somewhat creative. My wife likes the half order pasta dishes. Decent wine list and friendly competent service. I like the vibe there and if you go before a show they’ll get you out in time. Not overboard on pricing either.


Agree. We eat here before the shows at the Cutler and, though it gets noisy about the time we leave, it has good food, decent bar, friendly service. I like the antipasti and the small orders of pasta and my husband likes the antipasti, salads and pizza. We don’t eat mains before the theater as it feels like too much food for us so Teatro works very well for something larger than a snack and smaller than a full meal.

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Had a quick pre-70mm-Dunkirk dinner here Saturday evening. It was very good. The orecchiette with rapini and sausage was excellent, although the sauce did not cling as fully to the pasta as if the life of the dish depended on it. Full-throated flavor, though. (The rapini and sausage were chopped fine, different from our chunkier house version.) The grilled swordfish was beautifully cooked (that is, not overcooked) – with a nice grill char. It came with green garbanzos, and charred tomatoes and shishito pepper, all excellent matches. I’d prefer a white bean – fava, anyone? – instead of a green garbanzo, but the ggs were a worthy experiment. Let it not be said that fooddabbler does not happily dabble with food.

A glass of wine each (a muscular Primitivo for my wife with her pasta and a floral Arneis for me with my fish) and the bill came to $70 before tip. We were generous with the gratuity because our server was (a) helpful, (b) friendly, and © completely ignirant of both Dunkirk, the movie, and Dunkirk, the historical event (“Is that, like, Normandy?”). We’re hoping he’ll buy a book with our tip.

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Damn! Of all the words in the world to misspell!


We’ve had several family Christmas Eve dinners at Teatro, and it has become a favorite. The vibe is really fun, service has always been terrific (never asked about Dunkirk, though!) and the food has been very good and there’s something for a wide variety of tastes and dietary restrictions. We really should get there more often. Thanks for the reminder.

So how was Dunkirk? (Hard to remember that some tangential talk is allowed on this board!)



Didn’t mean to be cryptic, but it was more of a war movie (although rather brilliantly shot, especially the aerial portions) than the reviews that stressed the human element had me believe.

Returning to food: Does Teatro have a special Christmas Eve fishy menu?

I don’t believe so. We go with a vegetarian and a family member who doesn’t love seafood, so we probably wouldn’t indulge just so we can all share our dishes. I don’t remember it being an option, though. I’m almost certain it is the regular menu with a special or two.