Teapot washing and seasoning

I remembered once drinking at a tearoom, a smoked tea. The white ceramic teapot was dark interior, thick tannin buildup, with a equally dark cloth filter, the tea itself was very aromatic. I bought the same tea, tried different grades and variations, brewed it myself at home, never as good. I suspect the tea place just never washed their teapot. I started to use a certain teapot for a certain type of tea (green tea, black tea etc), I don’t find big differences. Does the way how a teapot is washed really gives something more, or it’s just a myth? How about seasoning a teapot?

No, don’t do that. Wash the teapot. Not super often. However, the idea that never wash the teapot just seems wrong from a hygiene perspective. Yes, you like the smoked red tea.

You mentioned Yixing teapot for red tea, why? Will it change too much the taste of green tea?

That’s why I abandoned this practice, from time to time, I will use vinegar to clean up all the tannin. (I have only porcelain, glass and metal teapot). I feel this argument is strange because nobody said tea cup, for example, shouldn’t be washed, because the cup will smell detergent (vs the pot).

I don’t think people need to wash a Yixing teapot daily. That is probably not good for the clay. However, even once a year, or once every 6 months, you should clean even the Yixing teapots with with mild solvent. My opinion. I don’t clean my Gaiwan teaware very often. Only once a week.

Yes, Yixing teapots are suppose to change the favor of a tea - subtly. Yixing teapots are highly recommend against for green tea because green tea is the very one you don’t want to change the flavor. Glass and porcelain are best for green tea. The biggest argument for Yinxing teapot comes from Oolong tea, and maybe Pu erh tea next. I actually do not know if red tea should use Yixing teapots. My guess is no, or at the very least not necessary needed.

Clean means rinse with water, or use soap/detergent etc?

How does the Yixing change the taste? More depth?

Gaiwan? I usually clean with one cycle of soap/detergent and one cycle of vinegar. Yixing is suppose to take out some of the rougher taste profile from Pu Erh and Oolong. I don’t use Yixing teapot now because I am a little lazy.

FWIW, I clean my ceramic teapot and its interior basket filter by dissolving a tablet of denture cleaner inside the pot every few weeks. After the tablet has done its thing, I wipe away the tannin build up with a paper towel.

I think my tea tastes as intended if old tannins have not collected on the glazed ceramic interior. I have never used a teapot that was meant to be seasoned, so I can’t speak about that.

I have never thought of that, it’s a good idea. Most of the time, I use vinegar or lemon juice. I tried to avoid soap, which might be illogical.

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I also rarely use soap on my teapot to avoid residue.

I use both. I notice that some stains are a little easier to clean out using soap (detergent and a little basic), and some are a little easier to clean using acids like vinegar. I think it also depends how regularly the teawares are being cleaned. If they are clean every day, then maybe even a wipe with warm water is enough.

Part of a big reason I use vinegar is that I need to use vinegar to descale my electric water kettle anyway. So I just clean everything the same time.

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