Teakwood [San Francisco, Hayes Valley]

I had dinner tonight at Teakwood, a Burmese restaurant in Hayes Valley from the Burma Superstar / Burma Love folks.

They had a prix-fixe menu for $65 for SF Restaurant Week but I just ordered a la carte.

I started with a mocktail, the
Golden Hour ($14)
This was good - refreshing and gingery with a bit of astringency.

I had a single order of the Platha with dip ($13.95)
This was very good. It was flaky, crispy, and greasy, with a tender inside. The dip was a coconut curry sauce.

For a main course I had the Mohinga ($24.95), a catfish soup that is considered the national dish of Burma. I see mohinga on the menu and I order it. I’m not well versed in Burmese cuisine but this was unlike any Mohinga I’ve had, including at their sister restaurant Burma Love. The catfish was a piece of filet on top of the soup rather than mixed up in flakes within the soup. There was a chickpea fritter in the soup but it was under the surface and had lost all of its crunch. This was a very unconventional mohinga. There were rice noodles underneath that had a nice chew, and some chili oil to add some spice, some bean sprouts for crunch, and a lime wedge for some acid. Flavor wise it was pretty good but I think I prefer the more traditional versions I’ve had from places like Burma Love and Mandalay. Anyone who’s more familiar with Burmese cuisine please feel free to school me :stuck_out_tongue: It was also quite a bit smaller than other mohingas that I’ve had.

I would go back for the platha and some other things on the menu that sounded good, like the garlic noodles and the tea leaf salad. I would get my mohinga fix elsewhere though.