Tea Truffles

Does this recipe make sense? It seems to me that it doesn’t contain any cream - only sugar, water, tea, and chocolate - yet the recipe refers to the mixture as a ganache. Will this set up properly as written? I’ve never seen a chocolate recipe quite like this.

It is possible to make a water ganache, you need to use less liquid because you are adding only water not the water plus 40% fat that make up cream. Much will depend on your chocolate, you’ll want a nice high at couverture. I’m guessing the Carribean 66% might be Valrhona Caraibe.

What bothers me more about the recipe is the instruction to chill the ganache until ready to dip. If you dip cold centers they will expand as they warm up and crack the shell.

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr