TC Episode 4 - 12/17/2015 - SPOILERS

So, we’re in Palm Springs. The chefs are driven out to the middle of the desert where they are greeted by an interestingly-clad Padma and Jose Andres. They could cook anything they wanted, but they have to use solar-powered stoves and ovens. Who knew? They choose knives to see which appliance they get. If it were me I’d prefer the stove; that cylindrical oven was just freaky. And indeed, one of the chefs (Giselle?) has her oven blow up when she put liquid into it.

There are still too many chefs for me to remember, let alone recall what each made. Dooshnozzle serves raw oysters on desert rocks he picked up and rinsed with water. Really? I’m not eating off a rock that hasn’t been at least washed with soap. Padma remarks that it was like eating snot off a rock. Wes really wants to redeem himself after his poor showing last week. And he really wants one of those solar stoves for himself. Must have worked as he wins immunity! And a $10,000 donation in his name to a food charity. And Jose even throws in a solar oven.

For the elimination challenge they split into two teams based on which cookware they used. They must prepare a 4-course meal to be served on a golf course and prepared in golf course refreshment carts. Both teams start with a ceviche, but the Blue team of Jeremy and Karen are smart enough to put their plates over bowls of ice so that it’s nice and cold. They apparently beat the orange team.

For the second course, both teams go for marinated shrimp. The judges don’t care much for Angelina’s shrimp or Grayson’s corn and chorizo concoction. So looks like the blue team takes this course too. Third courses were pork from the blue team and steak from the orange team. The steak is overpowered by the salsa verde which was served on top of the steak. So once again the blue team seems to take it.

Fourth course is dessert. The crazy chef from New Orleans makes a grapefruit sabayon with tequila. The judges seem to really like it, although they would have liked more grapefruit. Dooshnozzle is making his wife’s recipe. It’s a coconut pudding with strawberries. Well, alleged pudding. Looked more like soup to me. And the judges didn’t seem to like it much either. So it looks like the orange team finally won a course.

Judges’ table. Blue team wins (no surprise there). Their best course was the first and Jeremy gets the win as the ice bowls were his idea. He also gets a week at the resort in Palm Springs. From the losing team, the pair of Grayson and Angelina is deemed the worst. And the worst of the worst? Grayson’s corn and chorizo dish. She seems pissed and kind of disagrees with Tom as she shakes his hand goodbye. She then yells some expletives on her way out the door. Way to stay classy Grayson.

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Aw, I like her! I was hoping she’d outlast Angelina at least. Her food hasn’t been inspired at all this season though, and she paid for it.

I liked her in Texas though, as others have noted, it may just have been the comparison to the mean girls. But this season she just seemed so whiny and miserable.

But agreed, Angelina needs to go soon.

Grayson just wasn’t the same this season. Angelina is like a deer in the headlights and I can’t see her lasting too long, but I’d like to see Bunboy go, too. I suspect he’ll be around for a while, though. I think the producers like to keep the douches around. They are good entertainment.

He reminds me of Marcel

I thought Padma had a bit of an attitude this time - the crack to Grayson about didn’t she hear Jose say to point the oven towards the sun. I did like the crack about the oyster - snot on a rock. What did man bun cook, anyway?

[quote=“gaffk, post:3, topic:2760”]
Angelina needs to go soon

For sure!! Can’t stand her attitude.

That’s what I’m afraid of.

You definitely took to that description of ManBun, didn’t you, gaffk? LOL Good recap!

OK, so I REALLY REALLY like Jeremy. He should remain a force to be reckoned with.

Angelina bugs me. I’m not sure why.

Wes bugs me. I’m not sure why.

Grayson was a bitch. Don’t know if she came on this go-round to deliberately antagonize via the confessional, but she did a good job of it, even if she didn’t mean to do so. Her farewell to the judges proved she didn’t deserve to be there. Ummm, Grayson, honey? How long you’ve been on this earth as compared to the person you were competing against means diddly-squat in its relation to how well your Top Chef dishes come out. YOU, Grayson, made the “executive decision” to NOT put raw corn in your hash (it’s there on video, so don’t you dare say you didn’t say that!), as was recommended by Jose Fucking Andres. So guess what? Your sorry ass gets to go home. Latah.

ManBun. What the eff can I say, but I really want to bitchslap him. Quite simply, I LOVE that the editors kept in Padma’s “snot on a rock” comment about his dish.

Dooshnozzle is such a great term it deserved to be maintained. And am I the only one who was shocked that he’s actually married? Eek.

I like Jeremy too . . . a cerebral chef? But I actually like Wes too (now that he’s no longer Messy Marvin :wink: I kinda’ like Kwame and Marjorie too. And Isaac. (Yes, I had to consult the Bravo site for the names, as there are still too damn many chefs.)

Looking forward to the departures of Angelina, Giselle and, of course, dooshnozzle.

She is coming off like an angry teenager with a big chip on her shoulder. How about when she lost to - Giselle? she said she lost to that bitch twice with that attitude. Can’t stand her. But I do love Jeremy - food looks great and so is the personality.

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