Taza Shawarma and Felafel in Bailey's Xroads - Report

I’ve been searching a few years now for a new favorite shawarma spot since a previous favorite closed. I’ve been to Taza twice now, and I am happy to say I don’t have to look much further. Super tasty and I like getting it on lavash with garlic sauce. You choose your toppings. This is part of a little enclave now off Seminary Rd near Colombia Pike, with about ten or so Middle Eastern or Ethiopian joints in a former business park. There is a sizable parking lot in the back, but not actually big enough for all the people who have made this area into a popular hangout. Several hookah places here, plus a large Lebanese/Yemeni place, (Balquees) with ample outdoor seating. In fact, all places have outdoor seating.

There seems to be a different place called Taza deeper into Fairfax, but I can see no relation.