Tawla - Mission, SF

Tawla was a mix of good and bad. Great service, beautiful restaurant, delicious bread and house cured olives and pickles, but the food was really hit and miss.

The meatballs in tahini sauce were pretty good. The ful was just okay. The soft egg was delicious, but the actual ful was disappointing. The dish they called musaka (baby eggplants cooked lightly in oil and tomato) was also just okay. The spicy fried duck livers were not very good. The cute, tiny spicy peppers that come with it were delicious, but the actual livers were totally overcooked. I gave my dog a very expensive dinner of liver that night.

And finally, the dessert…the basbousa (semolina and chickpea cake) was terrible. By far the worst thing I had at that restaurant and the worst basbousa I’ve ever had. Avoid!! It was so dense, dry, and not sweet enough. I sent it back and switched it for their muhallabieh (milk pudding with peaches and pistachio brittle), which was much better. It was crazy small though. Actually, everything I ordered was small.

Has anyone else tried it? What was your experience?

We were there on Tuesday evening, the house was full, service was excellent, food delightful…
starting with the hot-from-the-oven bread, we shared the three labneh plate, Awarma Salad, Fried Baby Favas, Yogurt Meatballs, Fried Anchovies, Musakhan, and Halibut Molokhia made perfect with the Bonny Doon Vineyards Beeswax Picpoul and the Calera Viognier.
All hits, no misses. The Halibut Molokhia and the Chicken Musakhan were table favorites and we’ll return to enjoy these again.

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