Tavolo Pronto Fair Haven

Does anyone have any experiences here? Haven’t been to this establishment yet, but ave had the food they make at the snack bar at one of the Sea Bright beach clubs and it is quite good. Just sandwiches, chicken fingers, fries, salads, omelettes, and the like, but very well done and quite good. Considering what I was expecting I was very happy with the product, wondering if the restaurant is good as well?

I haven’t but been but have you tried Lupo pizzeria?

I go to Tavolo alot it is very popular in town. Great sandwiches, take out prepared foods, and on Thursday-Sun nites they do a dine in menu (BYO) that is excellent. Their pizza isn’t bad either.
We are members at Ship Ahoy where they run the snack bar and were very happy they got the concession.

Lupo is ok, run by same people that own numerous iterations of Giannis (Red Bank, Little Silver, etc). Pizza isn’t really my favorite to be honest, there are better.

Thanks for the info . Will have to try it out then. The food at Ship Ahoy was much better than I was anticipating which left me pleasantly surprised.