Tavern 19, Eatontown (on Sun Eagles golf course)

Just a FYI for my local peep’s, my wife found 2 separate coupons on the back of her Shop Rite (Shrewsbury) receipts for BOGO dinner at Tavern 19!! So check the back of your receipts my friends!!! (thanks @fershore for the heads up!!!)

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You’re very welcome! I recently did a shop-from-home and picked up my order. Unfortunately, the receipt back was plain white paper. I have to ask why.

Forgot to mention that John the bartender threw down. He said the chef’s burger is better than anyone’s in the area, including a certain place in Rumson with the initials BB…


I will have to try this. I’m a huge fan of the Bb cheddar burger but few know of the darkside and what this burger entails :shushing_face:

Sorry about your experience @ Tavern 19. I agree with u that @ times they r understaffed. I think they r still trying to figure it out since they never expected the crowd before Golf season goes full swing. I have eaten there 6 times since my last post & never had a bad meal. ( pork chop & tuna being my favorite) . Any problem with my food servings were quickly resolved or taken off the bill. I always sit @ the bar though so service isnt as much problem when they r understaffed . It’s more a casual dining spot then formal !

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My DW & myself concur with BigG regarding the tuna entree!

They are actively recruiting top-notch FOH/waitstaff.

I had an amazing snapper dish there on Thursday night. Skin on, roasted cherry tomatoes and arugula drizzled with a perfect lemon vinaigrette. My husband loved the fish tacos. Both were specials. I purchased a quart of chicken vegetable soup for our lunch the next day. It was delicious. Hearty flavor and not salty.

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