Tat's Deli, Seattle WA

OK, continuing my apparent soliloquy here…

There are plenty of great sandwiches in Seattle. But two places get the vast majority of the love: Salumi (Mario Batalli’s dad’s temple of charcuterie), and Tat’s Deli. This is about Tat’s. See, http://www.tatsdeli.com/

Now then, with all due deference to Philadelphia, I will hold Tat’s steaks up to anything I’ve had in Philly (yes, I’ve been there, multiple times, and have the grease-stained shirts to prove it) or anywhere else on the East Coast, FTM. Tat’s is, IMO, clearly the best steak in Seattle–Calozzi’s is a close second. But it isn’t a one trick pony–the menu is long, deep and consistently excellent. Most telling perhaps, is that Tat’s eschews the Pioneer Square/Underground/Tourist schtick (Hello, Central!), and it cleaves to its proletarian roots.

So… I defy anyone to identify any sandwich, grinder, steak, Hoagie, etc., at Tat’s that isn’t excellent. Please limit your lip to anyone in the area that does these styles better. I’ve learned that Philly-centric whelps (like their NYC littermates on pizza) will sniff and hate on anything not homegrown, so leave well enough alone…


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Don’t feel lonely, I’m reading! And I’ll put this on my list for the next time I make it over the mountains.

Street parking? If I’m going street parking in dt Sea to grab a sandwich and go, it would be hard to rip me away from Bakeman’s turkey… I cannot get over that turkey sandwich. I dream about it. Could be because I only have it every couple, three months, because I hate dealing with dt Sea street parking…

One secret to Tat’s is the “Sunken Ship” pay parking lot across the street. Easy peasy, and it is almost never full.

Any idea how much the parking lot would charge if I just got a to-go. Can’t imagine I’d be away from my car more than 15 minutes, unless there was a big line… That sounds like a good option, unless there minimum is $5, you know what I mean?

I don’t recall. That lot has one of those computerized pay kiosks, so you might get away with not paying at all, for 15 minutes. Beats dodging the Segway meterpersons.

But you’d cheat yourself if you didn’t eat there, merely to watch the circus. Either pay for parking or Uber it.