Tasty Table Ossining NY

This place opened where Wobble Cafe used to be. I was NOT a fan of Wobble Cafe in recent years. I’m happy to say that the owners have COMPLETELY revamped the space and it is airy, modern, and adorable. They have pictures hanging of the original shop that was in the building (I think a sweet shop? Can’t remember) and they restored a cool old cabinet that was original to the building. Service from the young staff is scattered but very sweet and well-meaning. We had brunch and my BLT with avocado had really excellent crispy bacon on it. I nabbed a bite of my niece’s pancake, which were fine, and I hogged most of the delicious banana pudding. Great for kids. We will be back often.

We also ordered their Tuesday night takeout dinner of beef empanadas and Spanish rice. For around $40 we got their dinner for 4 (we are not 4 but we wanted leftovers!) and it came with 8 empanadas (deep fried, which I wasn’t thrilled about until I tasted them-- healthy eating be damned!) and a large serving of rice (slightly underseasoned but a nice pop from Spanish olives and some chopped up chorizo, I think) along with tres leches cake which we loved. We will definitely be doing this again as well.