Tartine porchetta (SF)

The window between Tartine Bakery and Pizzeria Delfina was serving porchetta last night, and will continue doing this in Friday’s until they can start serving this at their new place at 18th and Alabama. Anyone try it?

The last time they’d opened this window, a pop-up called Loqui was slinging excellent tacos with tortillas made on-site from fresh masa.

I have not been. Your post piqued my interest so I looked up who is making the porchetta. https://twitter.com/tartinebaker?lang=ms
Its Sam Goinsalvos from the Manufactory.

Separately Loqui is surfacing in Culver City

Since I was visiting Tartine almost every day last week, I did inquire about the Porchetta pop-up. They had baked their own buns and were scheduled to start serving Friday evening at 8 P.M. Too late for my dinner and evidently Fridays only.