Tapas in the Bay Area

Hey guys!

Thanks for all the great answers I got from my previous post about Italian food…now I am here to ask you for help finding…Tapas!!

I am not talking about the overly trendy place that gives you the portion that is the size of a bite and charge you like crazy, but more like a place like Calle Navas in Granada or Cava Baja in Madrid or Carrer de Blai in Barcelona.

From what I have seen so far seems impossible to find. I have been craving “pimentos relleno de bacalao” or “salmorejo” or " Flamenquin de jamon serrano"…

I know is almost impossible to find this kind of food but if anyone knows about a place…that would be amazing!

Bellota (sf) is opening tomorrow, perhaps you can try and report back! :wink: Have you tried B44 (sf) or Coqueta (sf)?

I’ve always enjoyed Zarzuela on Hyde St but it’s really more of a neighborhood place than destination dining. We live nearby so we go often. It’s got good atmosphere too.

I was going to suggest Donostia in Los Gatos as an option. But I see that they changed their name to PintxoPote. Still tapas- but does anyone know why the change and if there is a change in the kitchen/ quality?

Zuzu in downtown Napa.


Tried Bellota (SF). Tried the soccarat (which unfortunately was not crunchy). The now-closed Chino restaurant used to put out a nice crunchy soccarat. Also tried a sablefish tapas which was fine except that they inexplicably added some anchovy which overpowered the sablefish. Had some bellota of course which was very good. Tried the steak but despite being labeled as dry -aged, it lacked the concentration of flavor which i had hoped for, and there was no marbling, tenderness or juiciness, i would not order it again. Not in a rush to go back.

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Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2