Do you mean the fresh pods? Do they label them? What I buy in the Mexican markets just say “tamarind” and they seem dry, but it seems like there is more to know.

Also, are the known to have an …ahem…laxative effect?

I don’t know about GI effects…I’ve never heard of that.

Yes, the dried pods are available - sometimes in bulk, sometimes in a box.

Swasthi’s method is what we do with whole tamarind.

At the indian store, the pods have been shelled and compacted into a rectangle.

I still remember tasting fresh tamarind for the first time, right off a tree on a road trip as a child - pucker up!

(I mostly buy the ready paste now - so easy.)

Good to know Thanks!

A Friend from Central America made a similar Claim about it’s GI effect

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I still have a jar of tamarind paste in the fridge, from my attempts to make the Vietnamese soup canh chua. Loving all these good suggestions.


I adore tamarind. I’m surprised I don’t use it more often.

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Almost all the Mexican markets I’ve been to here have a bin of tamarind pods.


Yes, please do- it sounds delightful

First try was a failure. I was using tamarind paste, so I added it in while the caramel was still hot to “cook” it a little. But it burned. I’ll try rehydrated or fresh tamarind next time – prepare it separately to an appropriate strength and then add it after the caramel cools. I was going to drizzle it on a banana cake. I think it would’ve worked well.

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