Tall Order: Non-stick 12" skillet induction compatible (non-warping!) & broiler safe

I did take a look at the Winco and Update pans and am intrigued! The Update pans apparently have hollow handles, which stay cool? Any disadvantages to that, do you know? Both are apparently broiler safe up to 500. I’m leaning towards the Update. Thank you again!

Hi Margaret. Yes the hollow handles stay (reasonably) cool.

Update or Winco it really doesn’t matter. They are identical, and AFAIK come from the same supplier. There are several other commercial kitchenware labels that also sell the same things – the only difference is the name stenciled onto the bottom. As I mentioned above I used to sell them myself (Update) but I also have some Winco’s at home that I bought at Restaurant Depot before I got in the business.

Almost any restaurant supply store will have some of these in stock.

I did notice that more recently a version of the same pans but with a solid handle has appeared, for a slightly higher price. But for your purposes I’d stick with the hollow handle. Try one and see – the 9" pan is probably about the right size. If it doesn’t suit you haven’t lost much, but I’m sure you will find it useful. And I guarantee they work well on induction.

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This one

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I am very fortunate to live within minutes of a The Restaurant Store, the brick and mortar version of Webstaurant Store. In fact, more than Trader Joe’s or HomeGoods or HMart, this store is the true Death Star; the one my family fears more than any other. If I go in, I’m not coming out.

Anyway, they have a lot of Update International items. Actually, the branding has changed over time to sound fancier. (I think Thunder Group and Update International are the same company. The Wincos look different to me, but I’ll pay more attention next time.) Lately, they have have changed the logo on the half sheet pan to read “Bakers Mark”. The silicone baking mat still has the Update logo. On the 11" stainless steel skillet, the logo reads “Vigor”. Also pictured is a Tramontina (made in Brazil) 12" skillet purchased from Sam’s Club for $25. These skillets are not non-stick but this exact Vigor skillet, as well as the 12" Vigor, are available with a non-stick coating.

Overall, the 12" Tramontina heats more evenly, but for many uses I prefer the 11" Vigor because it has higher, less-flared sides and the same bottom diameter as the 12" Tramontina. The hollow, welded handle of the Vigor can be advantageous sometimes, too. It makes the pan lighter. Furthermore, the inside is smoother with no rivets to get in the way for, say, a Dutch baby and also makes for easier cleaning. My primary issue with the Vigor is that some water gets stuck where the aluminum clad bottom is bonded with the rest of the skillet. I don’t understand how it is NSF-certified. For the price, however, it has exceeded my expectations.