Takeout near Ossining NY lately

We have been perfecting our takeout food routine and have really established some solid favorites.

We love Indian takeout from Raga in Croton. Not only are the people who work there the nicest ever, their food is delicious. We usually order three entrees to share so we have leftovers; we always get the saag paneer and usually at least one lamb dish. Their samosas and breads are great accompaniments and stay perfectly intact in special takeout bags. I can’t help myself with dessert and enjoy their rice pudding, carrot dessert (can’t remember the name), among others. We also went for the buffet recently and enjoyed that as well-- great varied selection, all fresh and piping hot.

We really like takeout from Little Thai Kitchen in Chappaqua, where they clearly put a lot of love into their food and take great pride in what they are turning out of the kitchen. We also usually order three entrees, always pad thai, and we like their beef and shrimp dishes too. We’ve tried their dumplings and a fried tofu dish from the appetizer side and we love their iced tea. I usually order one of their desserts as well, maybe a mango type deal?

For sushi we get Yama in Briarcliff; we are guilty of liking the ridiculous rolls with silly names but they really use good quality fish and their plainer, simpler rolls are good as well. I got my daughter asweet potato roll, which I’ve never tried, and she inhaled it, and I ate some too-- delicious!-- along with an egg hand roll (can’t remember the name) which was similiarly delicious. We usually do soup and salad as well.

My absolute favorite takeout is from Falafel Taco in Pleasantville-- another spot where they are putting a ton of love and pride into their food and it shows. I love the mash-up of Israeli and Mexican food so, so, so much and I would eat literally anything they’d make. Even a simple salad is a joy to eat with all its sum components, including pickled mango and a delicious cilantro dressing. I am partial to their fish tacos but we also love their black bean falafel burger and brisket taco, along with all their wild dips that are a tribute to the owners’ mixed heritages. They have amazing aguas frescas too. We haven’t had many of their desserts because we are usually way too full by that time! I absolutely love this place.

We also like Melike and Aji Limo in Ossining, but we haven’t had those in a little while so I’ll refrain from commenting on those for now.


The carrot dish may be gajar ka halwa. I’ve had it from Calcutta Wrap and Roll.

Yes! That’s it. I love it.

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We also liked Falafel Taco. The menu certainly is unique but makes perfect sense.

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I’m looking forward to the opening of Fatt Root in Pleasantville, supposedly coming soon to where Pony Express was. Of course, it’s been coming soon for a year now.

I tried Raga’s buffet a while ago and wasn’t thrilled, nor were my Indian co-workers. Maybe dinner is better.

Do you go to Brother’s Fish & Chips at all?

LTK is good. If you can get there for lunch (even if just to take out for later) their portions are large (someone told me the same as dinner) for a much lower price.

I once had mussels at Brothers that had seen better days and I have not been back since. It really turned me off.

We tried the new Thai place in Briarcliff (Thai Dishes) last night and it will definitely be entering our takeout rotation. We had been driving all the way to Chappaqua for LTK but this place, while not quite as good, is good enough for 5 minutes away. Glad to see some variety in my immediate area! We have a lot to choose from now.

My immediate area has a pizza place!

Ha, yes, we have plenty of those and for years that was basically it. Choices have really expanded.

So has anyone been to Fatt Root (which finally opened)? We were supposed to be going to various countries in Asia at the end of the month on a couple of cruises, but the plans imploded this week due to the Coronavirus. So I need to go to Fatt Root to get my street food that I’m going to be missing out on.

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How disappointing!

Yes. On the bright side, I’ll be around for HVRW. i was planning to be away for all of March. Was going to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and ending up in Shanghai after 4 weeks of cruises. But they rerouted the cruises and removed Hong Kong, Thailand (because of logistics related to removing HK) and Beijing/Shanghai due to the virus. That made me less interested in going. Plus my son is getting married in April (3 weeks after we were due to return) and I could not take a chance of things getting worse over there and my needing to be quarantined after I returned (or be a persona non grata at the wedding).

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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