Take it to the bridge.........Hebden Bridge !

In HB (as I am sure no one calls it ) this Friday for a music concert ( as I am sure no one calls them ) at the Trades club.

Never been there before. Fear of boho chi chi nonsense is coursing through my veins.

Anywhere decent to eat in town ?

Thanks in advance

I’m surprised that they still have a Trades Club - knowing what I know about Hebbie (which I am sure no one calls it), I’d have expected it to be renamed something much more twee.

As for eats, have a look at the Stubbing Wharf. No experience of it - but we intended to go to the town last year and seemed a decent lunch bet (never got there in the end)

Update from last week though not really Moor Hall standard or aspirations. Never bothered with the Wharf, ironically on the basis that didnt want stodge.

Why ironic ? Well,because we went to place called Chapter 17 and I had the most lovely lamb burger!

IMG_0086 (1)|320x240

As you can see. It had feta and a bit of tzatziki, was cooked proper medium pink in the middle and was all kinds of Friday night comfort in a bun.

The sweet potato wedges were also delightful though the parmesan was probably unnecessary and the enamel cup could only be classed as a hipster affectation. The lady had red mullet on some lovely lentils and my foreground beer was a winning mix of lager/IPA which sounds like it shouldn’t really work but it did.

Front of house and kitchen duties all taken by friendly youngsters and the place was not full even on a Friday night at 7.30 so, despite the hipster tendencies, this is a good place to support if you can.

On a none food note the Trades is a great, atmospheric music venue and needs your support if you are oop North.

IMG_0086 (1)

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One to file away for the future. Thanks