'Taiwanese night market' in Sunnyvale CA/ SF Bay Area

Every Saturday between 6/11 and 9/17, there will be a ‘Taiwanese night market’ at 1102 West Evelyn Ave in Sunnyvale, at the former Golden Palace Night Club location. Supposedly will have stinky tofu, marinated meat rice, sweet tofu dessert, beef noodle, and a bunch of Taiwanese snacks that I don’t know how to translate (see below). 4pm-10pm. Not sure who the organizers are and the quality. But posting here in case people are interested.



This sound interesting I will try to check it out when it opens. I like all types of street food.

Sounds like fun! Has there been a night market, Taiwanese or otherwise, in the Bay Area before? I didn’t come across any when assembling our list of 250+ regional Chinese restaurants. If anyone goes this weekend, please report back!

I am most likely going to stop by. But judging by the view count of this thread, I am a bit concerned that it’ll be super crowded.

There were some Taiwanese Night Market in the past. I believe the Stanford Taiwanese Student Association hosted something like that previously.

There was a night market in Portmouth square in San Francisco but they did not sell food just items I was not interested in.

So I did not go more then once.

“free” entry sounds good. will potentially draw a crowd. wonder if english posters also circulated?

Here’s a translation using my best friend, Pleco, with some English commas added toward the end

臭豆腐、滷肉飯、米粉湯、雪花冰、豆花、牛肉麵、可麗餅、豬血糕、糖葫蘆, 和大腸包, 小腸, 等等

chòudòufu Stinky tofu, lǔròu stewed meat, mǐfěn tāng boiled rice noodles, xuěhuā bīng snowflake ice, dòuhuā type of bean curd, niúròumiàn beef noodle soup, kělìbǐng crêpe, zhūxiě gāo coagulated pig’s blood pudding, tánghúlu sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn or other fruit on a stick, Hé dàcháng bāo Japanese? Large intestine bun, small intestine, děngdeng etc.

Sounds interesting and challenging, just like a night market in Taiwan.

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Looking at the google satellite view of the location, seems like there is just a basic parking lot for the market, rather tiny so not very many vendors and could get real crowded. Apparently the LA Taiwanese night market is now 5 years old and draws tens of thousands of visitors. I am glad we are finally getting started with this!

I went briefly today. Since today was the first day, understandably it was crowded. Most food stand had long lines. The stand that looked the most interesting/ gourmet to me had no lines at all- which was the first stand in the photo album below. I didn’t get any food because I was a bit stressed out with my little ones and the crowd.

Unknown stand: Sour cabbage pork blood soup/ red bean taro sweet potato soup (they also had some cold dessert soup, just off the left side of the picture.

Unknown stand: Hakka veggie bao

Lamb skewer stand:

La Hot Duck stand:

Taiwanese sausage/ meat ball stand:

Zen food stand:

Meatball sandwich stand:

Lines were long for the outdoor food stands:

Sitting area:


Truck 1: Tea Up

Truck 2: Mama Liu

Truck 3: Soulnese

The truck area:

Indoor crepe stand:

Indoor fish ball, shaved ice? tofu dessert stand:

Indoor pudding stand:

Indoor alcohol counter:

Other stuff:

Parking was a mess. People parked in the lots of auto shops all along Evelyn Ave.

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It was definitely not in Sunnyvale. Lots of Taiwanese American families were there looking for it at 6:30, when I arrived. We all left angry! The promoters should be sued for false advertising and fraudulent business practices.

Saw a sign yesterday at the Sunnyvale location that it would be open from 2-9 PM today (Sunday 2016/06/19).

Not only in Chinese, but also right next to the building, so it’s hard to see if you drive into the parking lot.

Their facebook page:

Says 6/11/2016-9/17/2016 every Sunday 2pm to 9pm