Taiwan, Yilan. Sugarcane Roasted Chicken


Day trip to Yilan county. Roast Chicken is very special here. . Free range birds slow roasted in massive kilns, smokey with the terroir of sugarcane from nearby fields.

Chicken must be preordered. Our hostess had reserved our Chicken, set to go!!

Our perfect Chicken is rushed smoking hot from the kiln and quickly broken down table side. Nose to Tail dining!! Crisp crackly lightly scented skin, perfection!!

Crispy White Water Snow Flake stir fry with bits of Pork. Chickpea sized Pickled Cordia Fruit (Man Jack) contributed a sweet sour flavor component.

Seafood Puffs were light and airy.

  • Taiwan Clam Soup. Plump and briny.
  • Squid Balls. Perfect chew and bounce.
  • Yilan is famous for their Green Scallion. A take on the Taiwan Green Onion Pancake, almost like a dumpling shape.

Taiwan Squid is washed, cooked and served whole with roe and innards. Seemed very strange when I first encountered this.

We had cruised passed hectares upon hectares of verdant Rice fields. Only fitting we had some Rice Noodles with Chicken Oil/Essence.

We didn’t try our luck (skill) at the Rubber Chicken Claw machine. Should of. Would have made a nice momento of a delightful meal and afternoon.


That looked amazing!

We have something along the same lines here in Penang, but it’s Hakka-style and its chicken didn’t have the beautiful golden-brown, crackling skin that your Yilan chicken has:


Whoa, that’s my kinda meal!! Would love to dive into that chicken and tear it apart!!!

Appears quite a bit of similarities between the cuisines. Which makes sense, sharing some common roots and styles.


That is quite the amazing meal. I want to go there right now! So much variety of courses. Looks like enough to feed a small army. How many were you?

That is a dream meal for me. Thank you for letting us know. Future travel plans being rethought.


squid roe is awesome stuff


Enough to feed a small army, or 5 food loving Asians. :slight_smile:

Taiwan does not get the tourist love the way overpacked Japan, Singapore or Thailand gets. A bit of an undiscovered gem.

“That is a dream meal for me.” I’ll be dreaming and relishing this meal myself. A singularly unique meal and experience.