Taiwan Tripping and Eating 2023

Partner and I are now half way into our three week Taiwan visit. Uber’d from Kaohsiung to Tainan a couple of days ago, will speed train back to Taipei tomorrow for the finale of this trip.

Always fun to share our trips with like minded HO’s. I will include names and addresses when/if possible, but most of our Taiwan stops do not have English signage, or offer English menus. Google translate allows me to play along, while my Taiwan born wife does most of the actual ordering and makes the final choices.

Yesterday, we had lunch with one of my wife’s ex-classmates from Tainan University of Technology. Classmate now lives in Anding, a rural district of Tainan. Her husband designed the house and imported the cedar from America for the construction. And, the house sits across the road from a working fish farm pond!

The husband is of Taiwanese Indigenous descent, and wife is a mix with later Mainland blood. I wouldn’t dare label the food as authentic or traditional, just representative of dishes in their regular rotation.

Lima Beans.

Egg with Tomato and Onion. The egg shortage is even more dire in Taiwan than back home.

Cabbage with Wood Ear.


Braised Beef.

Pork Knuckle.

Oden. Daikon, Milkfish Balls and fried Milkfish Paste Strips.

Fruit platter. Guava, Apple, Grapes. Tainan Pineapple is famous. Our hosts had set aside some Dates for us, a rare treat.

They gifted us a bottle high octane liquor with Killer Bees infused. I’m sure this will be killa!!!

A great day making new friends (for me), and re-bonding for my partner.


Wow the killer bee liquor is intriguing! :slight_smile: They made it themselves?

Nice, homely food…

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How wonderful. I wouldn’t mind going to TW every year.

The traditional-looking house is between modern buildings.

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Absolutely love this - please keep us updated!


Killer Bee Liquor does have a certain cachet to it. Expecting to get a killer buzzzz!!

Our hosts belong to a whiskey appreciation group that meet periodically to sample various libations and compare notes. They ended up with a few extra bottles after a sampling and we are the lucky recipients of one bottle. They did give us a bottle of their home pressed Black Sesame Oil, which they sell in limited quantities. Looking forward to using the oil once home.

@Presunto Their house does seem a tad incongruous surrounded by the modern buildings. Her family owned the land which was a pig farm. They built their house in 1998, the first house and only residence on the property at the time.

The house was custom constructed of imported cedar, which is purported to alleviate some of the symptoms of an ongoing health issue. As Tainan City expanded, her land became too valuable to be a pig farm, so she is now surrounded by new neighbors.

Great house. Great kitchen!!


We revisited our favorite no-name Thai restaurant in Kaohsiung last week. We order pretty much the same dishes every time, always so good. No fresh shrimp for our Raw Shrimp Salad, only disappointment of the evening.

Google Translated menu.

Clams with BirdsEye and Lemon Basil.

Papaya Salad.

In Taiwan, a Thai meal absolutely requires Shrimp Cakes.

Stir fried Vegetables of the Day.

Steamed Barramundi on the burner.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup with Clams, Squid, Shrimp, Galangal and Lemongrass.

Now that we visit Taiwan more often, we don’t feel obliged to immerse in Taiwanese only. Thus far, we’ve had Japanese at least twice, Hainan Chicken, more than a few East meets West hotel breakfast buffets and snuck in an Egg McMuffin or two. It’s all good. :slight_smile:


I need this in my life today.


Final dinner in Tainan was Taiwanese. A simple delightful meal of local favorites, no tweezers involved.

Bottle of Taitung Rice Wine to complement the self serve Taiwan Beer.

Small plates to stimulate the appetite and promote alcohol consumption. Edamame (Soybeans in the Pod), Crunchy Pig’s Ear, Bean Curd Salad with Peppers and tiny dried Fish, and shredded Tofu Noodles.

Fiddleheads, my favorite. A Must Order!

Braised Beef with Daikon on sizzling plate.

Donpo Pork: Braised Pork Belly.

White Boiled Free Range Chicken. The small Pickle bits a welcomed complement.

Golden Silk Thread Roll. I was introduced to this Shandong style bread on my very first Taiwan trip, have loved it since. Some Condensed Milk on the side to drizzle, yum.

Crab Butter Seafood. Rich Decadence.

Spicy Thai style Squid and Prawn Salad.

Pumpkin Rice Noodle.

Halibut with a Flaky Bean topping. Didn’t get the attention it deserved, everyone was loaded to the gills at this point.

An enjoyable meal in a comfortable venue.


I miss this in the States


Is this close for the pumpkin rice noodles?

The one in the photo looks like it has shrimp and shiitakes, so just trying to work out possible swaps in my head…

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Chillin’ on the lanai while wife is lunching with girlfriends.

Picked the fruit personally. :slight_smile:


Dinner at a 100 $NT restaurant. These casual fast stir fry eateries offer unusually large menus, most dishes priced at 100 $NT = usd$3.27/ea. Since pandemic inflation kicked in, range presently @ NT $120 ~150, mostly. Even at these inflated prices, these will always be 100NT restaurants to me.

One of our favorites is a mere 10 minutes walk from our Da’an hotel.


+886 2 2781 1780

Filled in the order sheet and helped ourselves to the self serve beer cooler. The hits started streaming to our table, fast and furious.

Ong Choy, Water Spinach.

White Chopped Chicken. No need for sauces or embellishments, just pure chicken goodness.

Stir Fried Mushrooms and Bean Curd. Topped with a perfectly fried egg.

Fiddlehead with Tiny Fishies. Love Love Love!!!

Taiwan Clams are the best! Silky, briny morsels. We clammed up. Clams with Loofah.

Clams and Ginger Soup, so soothing.

We of Cantonese origin rarely waste money on Fried Rice in restaurants. Taiwanese don’t seem to have such an aversion. When in Rome……

Salt & Pepper Fried Frog. So GOOD! Partly deboned, mostly moist succulent meat. Fried Basil a nice enhancement.


Very impressed again with this restaurant. The flavors were clean, not over seasoned. Ingredients fresh and cooked with a light hand. And, the price is right. So many other items on the order sheet and specials board. Must revisit before we fly out Monday.


Do they have this kind of restaurant or chain in other cities or is it only in the capital?

And of course there will be no goose served here… haha.

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These restaurants seem to be ubiquitous in most of the towns we’ve visited. You can see from the pics why I call them 100 NT Restaurants.

The variety and breadth of food is almost staggering. This is not fine dining. They are great places to enjoy a lot of different foods and drink a lot of beer without breaking the bank.

Mostly domestic bottled beers, a few imports. Some Baiju and Shoju. Help yourself, no need to flag down a server for refills.

We took our nieces and their parents a couple years back, they loved it!! Doubled and Tripled down on dishes they liked, they were into it!!

Photo dump of a fraction of one meal.

Soft Shell Crab. This was a triple order.

They liked Baked Scallops. Another two orders please.

Fresh Bamboo!!

Much more. The girls were busy, and happy!,


I’ll look them up when I go to TW again.

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Is that bitter melon with pumpkin?

Hom Dan (salted egg) yolk.

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even better


Sparked by @damiano, we went hunting for Hong Kong style Roast Goose last night. We had walked by a Cantonese place with some good looking hanging fowl earlier in the day and pinned our hopes on that. Alas, by 7pm, only a lonely solitary scrawny chicken was left dangling. Next.

The Da’an district offers a good selection of eateries, from traditional to hipster, hole in wall to the hole in the wallet. My fellow food explorer pointed out a local goose place, not roasted as hoped, but worthy just the same.

Staff was very accommodating. Not in a corporate trained style, in a friendly relaxed comfortable way. Place was small, didn’t see the usual help yourself beer chiller. Took a few minutes to receive my beer, I think a worker ran to a nearby 7/11. That’s accommodation!!

Started with the small order of Goose. Deboned and thatched with a covering of Sweet Young Ginger.

Eggplant, Goose Blood Cake (a wife must have) and combo Goose Offal platter.

I had Goose on Fun (rice sheet) soup. Flavors were so “real”, for lack of better description. Just Goosey goodness and tender meat.

DW had the Goose Congee. At first, she thought the jook somewhat bland. I had a taste and loved the subtle Goose essence backbone enhanced by the bits of fried garlic.

Also a bowl of Goose Intestine soup that we didn’t need, just because.

Total damage usd$24 all in. Most definitely worthy of a revisit.