Taiwan, Taipei. Peking Duck

Peking Duck for our splurge meal on this first leg of our Taiwan trip. Chiou Hwa Chun Place came highly recommended by DW’s sources.

We feasted on The Whole Duck Feast for Four.

Our guests brought a nice single malt, Laphroig Quarter Cask. Let the games begin!!

Braised Duck Plucks. Well prepared dish of nose to tail parts. Liver, Kidney, Web, Wing, Tofu and Intestine.

Fried King Oyster Mushroom w/Salted Egg Yolk. Super!! Juicy, crispy, bursting with Egg Yolk and Mushroom umami.

The star of the show, specialty of the house. Table side carved Peking Duck with Wheat Wrap.

On par with the duck we’ve eaten in Beijing. The carve was impeccable, skin crisp and well flavored, each morsel sized appropriately for the perfect two biter.

Chopped Roasted Peking Duck Platter.

Stir Fried Seafood and Duck Meat in casserole.

lettuce Wrap with Shredded Duck and Water Chestnut. Delicious palate cleansing crisp course. A well executed riff on the Cantonese classic with Squab.

We added some Gai Lan on the captain’s suggestion. He described as the tender tip of the gai lan. These were in fact HUGE stalks of some of the most tender gai lan I’ve ever had. Kudos to the chef!!

Shredded Duck and Preserved Egg Porridge. Always good.

Handmade Duck Egg Yolk Pudding. Topped with tapioca pearls.

A delicious evening catching up with friends with some very good food. DW is already planning a return soonest. I reminded her we’ll be back in Taipei in 8 days. Hmm……


We waddled out of our duck feast, and right into the Backyard Jr. A somewhat unusual name for a high end whiskey bar. Once we entered, the name made sense.

A well appointed relaxed interior that evokes the feeling of having a drink or two with friends in one’s backyard.

Our friend had thoughtfully made reservations and we settled into a comfy nook, surrounded by some very nice whiskey. Regulars keep personal bottles with their necker there, calling for their bottle when they entertain.

We ordered a bottle of Bowmore 12yo, a nice whiskey with a peaty smokey finish. A single chunk of ice in each crystal glass, quite elegant.

Our lead man ordered some Truffle Fries and Wild Boar. Can’t say how the food was, too full to have a single bite. As is, I had to work really hard to choke down a glass or four of the Bowmore.

A good night was had by all. Fortunately, packing doggie bags are ok in Taiwan.

Tomorrow, back to our regimen of street food and hole-in-walls. It’s all good!!



Single Malt Scotch with Taiwanese food is underutilized an underappreciated.

Well done sir.

Good eating, and even better drinking.


Taiwan’s own, Kavalan, is an excellent single malt. I’ve only had their Sherry Oak which had paired well with some classic Taiwanese food.

I should sock a couple bottles of Kavalan away in my check-in luggage for further investigation.

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Our local shop has a collection of Kavalan, but never tried it. I will next time!

I love whiskey with Asian food, either at home or in a restaurant. Chinese/Thai/Malaysian food and so on really pair well with whiskey on the rocks.

Personally, I like blends - for example a Chivas 18 years or a more economical Johnny Walker Green label. Or a Chivas Royal Salute if there is a celebration.

When it’s really hot outside eg when I’m in the tropics, I like to drink whiskey on the rocks with a splash of fresh coconut juice. A perfect whiskey for that is the Indian (!) Amrut Fusion. And if you ever find yourself on a Thai beach and it’s the late afternoon, here is a pro tip: order a coconut shake, and ask for a shot of their local rum in it (Sangsom).


That sounds freak’in GOOD!!!

It’s 32°c right now in Kaohsiung. Should be able to find a coconut shake around here somewhere. How’s about a float of 151°?? :wink:

Whiskey rocks splash coconut juice is definitely doable.


"a glass or four . . . "

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