Taiwan 2024. Quayside Dining, Traditional Taiwanese Food

10 of us got together for a reunion of sorts at the Yonshin Fudopia Restaurant located in the newly renovated Port of Kaohsiung. Kaohsiung City is doing a marvelous job reimagining some of the industrial harbor area into a vast visitor complex with myriad restaurants, outdoor spaces, shops and exhibition centers. Quite a transformation from the train yards and deserted terminals of a mere few years past.

A lovely evening to dine outside, with the lights of the harbor shimmering and reflecting off the water. Large industrial fans were stationed strategically to temper the 80’ f night.

The cuisine was Traditional Taiwanese, with modern touches. The cooking was well done, and didn’t come across as typical “Fusion”.

Grilled Neritic Squid. Tender and simply grilled, a trace of seasoning. This restaurant has gained a well deserved reputation for seafood with food crazy locals, a good example why.


Stir Fried Seafood Noodle with Pork Liver, kicked up a notch. Prawns, Squid, Scallops, Pork Liver, Cabbage and Noodle.

Deep Fried Seaweed Encrusted Seasoned Oysters. I love Shanghai style deep fried seaweed encrusted seafood, this was very good. Good fry.

Stir Fried Nest Fern with Salted Pork. First Fiddlehead I’ve had in three Taiwan trips.

Ong Choy with Japanese Soft-Boiled Egg. Ong Choy must be in season. I’ve had with almost every meal, and want more.

Stir Fried Whelk with Basil.

No Single Malt, yet. Bourgogne Chalonnaise Chardonnay.

Not unusual for reds to be chilled here. Penfolds Cellar Reserve Shiraz.

Garlic Confit French Fries. Excellent fries! Crisp and fluffy with a slight citrus note.

Excellent Fried Rice with Mullet Roe. Stir Fried Taiwanese Pesto Noodles with Oysters. Three Cup Chicken Taiwanese Risotto. Did not get a photo of these and a few other dishes. Table too long, vino flowing too freely.

Per SOP, a nightcap back at our hotel.