Taiwan 2024. Nose to Tail - MilkFish!!

Taiwan’s southern countryside is interspersed with rice fields and aerated ponds. Fish farming is big biz in Taiwan, with Tainan the MilkFish capital of the country.

Milkfish is a fatty fish, a desirable characteric for some, not so much for others. One challenging part of the fish’s anatomny is the offal, which turns even many native Taiwanese off. Pretty much an acquired taste, which I had acquired from my very frugal mom, thanks mom!!!

My wife had turned me onto this long standing milkfish specialist years ago, and we dutifully return on almost every Kaohsiung visit. When we see this landmark coconut truck, we know our milkfish is near!!!

Nose to Tail. The broiled Belly is rich and fatty, firm textured with a mild sweet taste. The skin is a delectable crispness.

Yam Leaves and Spinach, light sauced, as requested.

Taiwanese Congee with MilkFish, more like rice soup to me. Very homey.

Now we come to the challenging part of the meal. Fish Heads, ordered 2 apiece. One would have sufficed for me.

MilkFish Intestines three ways: dry-fried, poached and in soup, slightly milky from the belly’s gelatin and fat.

Japanese sushi culture highly values Ankimo, the monkfish liver. Milkfish liver, very tasty.

We were somewhat late to this restaurant at around 10am. Every single table after tried to order intestine, but sorry, we luckily took the last orders.

We (she) over ordered per usual.

Stopped at our coconut truck for a fresh off the tree coconut juice, life is good.