Taiwan 2024. Nose to Tail - Goose!!

We revisited this humble restaurant on a side street on our last night in Taiwan, a wet rainy evening, good setup for some good simple comfort food.

We’d found this Goose restaurant on the final night of our last Taiwan trip. Grab your menu/order sheet as you enter. Some written specials on the wall.

Beer service takes a few minutes. One of the staff runs to a nearby 7-11 and gets fresh beer, to order. That’s service! No glasses stocked for beer apparently, beer tastes pretty good out of a rice bowl actually. Unintentionally rustic and homey.

The first bite of Poached Goose was Transendental!!! Tender, juicy, flavorful. We looked at each other in amazement, the BEST Goose ever! (even better than the first time!)

The hits started overflowing our table. Da Wife ordered at least 10 dishes for the two of us, she has a control issue with ordering food. Spring Bamboo with Mayo, refreshing and palate cleansing.

Taiwan Clams with Loofah and Egg stir fry, quite soupy. Plump briny cooked until they burst their shells, stellar.

Congee with Shredded Goose and Goose Oil. The only lowlight of the night for me, a bit salty for my taste. The wife tasted differently. The goose meat itself was toothsome though.

Pork Face Meat. None of that fancy Jowl or Neck meat. Precious morsels picked off the bones of the face. Absolutely flavorful and succulent, some of the best meat on a porker.

Combination Goose Offal. Liver, Heart, Gizzard and ?? A tasty plate with interesting (in a good way) textures, flavors and contrasts.

The wife must have her Duck Blood Rice Cake. I ate a couple pieces at her urging, not bad, not my jam.

Goose Intestine. Slight chew with a crisp snap.

Three types of veggies: Bean Sprouts, Spinach and A-Choy. A well rounded meal.

The proprietior and staff warmed up considerably as our meal progressed. We ordered well, and very obviously ENJOYED it all!! We told him that we had enjoyed his food last year, and will return again and again. He beamed.

As we waddled out, we saw the only part of the goose we didn’t order. Next trip!!


Fantastic, indeed. I find blood mixed with rice in TW and KR too mild. Just give me the congealed cake/tofu stuff!

I have already decided on the places (as in towns) for my next return to TW (not the capital again, if ever). It’ll be goose with young ginger shreds and basil clams every day (again).


Looking forward to seeing your pics on your trip, should you choose to post.

We enjoyed our train journey along Taiwan’s East coast from Kaohsiung northward . This route does not see many western tourist, mostly Taiwanese travelers. The train ride through the coastal moutains and along the miles and miles of empty seashore is very relaxing. The towns are few and far between, unlike the urban sprawl of Taiwan’s West Coast.

We had short stays in Taitung, Hualien, Yilan, then up to Taipei. We’ll do this trip again, nice time.


Just curious - why ?