Taiwan 2022. Taipei.

1st day back to Taiwan. Wife’s ex-colleagues treated us with their usual warm hospitality and lunch at Guihou Fishing Harbour, about an hour drive from Taipei.

Fishing vessels of many stripes lined the harbor, a sure bet for a good boat to table meal.

Boats festooned with powerful lanterns raised hopes for super fresh squid and cuttlefish. Decks packed with crab pots means we are in crabby waters. Trawlers of many sizes, sign of fertile fishing grounds.

The waterfront area was hopping. Tanks and tubs of fresh seafood at every turn.

Then we reached the Guihou Fish Market. The market’s perimeter was bursting with fresh seafoodmongers.

Pick your best seafood and choose a cooking station. Set yourself down and dig in.

We desperately wanted to join the party, but our hostess had already made reservations at her preferred restaurant. We reluctantly followed her to her choice, but could not resist the uni-man, had to sample some Uni (sea urchin) en route.

To say our seafood appetite has been piqued would be a severe understatement. Next, actual lunch.


This lovely sight greeted us at door. More loaded tanks inside, tubs of various species of crustaceans overflowing to the space adjacent.

The guest of honor (my wife) consulted with the proprietor and friends and made her picks. I value my life, so did not even try venture a “try not to order too much” refrain.

Started our seafood heavy lunch with a cold algensalat (seaweed) with salted egg. Lovely prep for the meal to come.

That cute cuttlefish finning outside a few minutes ago? Scored and rolled with nori and cuke. Rice floured and fried with some delicious complementary string beans.

Clams with loofah, my favorite. Clams great as ever.

Change of pace. Quick fried beef with sweet onion on sizzling platter. Nice rendition for a seafood joint.

Seafood spring rolls. Fresh shrimp and scallops, snappy.

Beautifully painted flower crab. Simply steamed with a salt garlic dip.

Another palate change, Peking spareribs. Nice change up.

Grilled fishies x 2.

Pissing shrimp (mantis prawns). Full of brilliant red roe, deep fried and loaded with fried garlic bits.

Fish soup to finish.


Good welcome back to Taiwan meal. :slight_smile:


I so love when you travel and “take us along”! I look forward to more Taiwan reports!!!


One of my top countries* in Asia! (*yes, an independent sovereign nation)

What a seafood feast! Don’t forget to find the best place for boiled goose and basil clams!

Don’t fancy going near the capital but I have to return to Hsinchu just for the goose.


Having goose as we speak. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sliced, intestines, offal in soup. Life is good.


Anyone familiar with this fruit? Google lens suggests Pouteria Caimito or Abiu Fruit. Walked by this display and wowed by the color and shape, as well as the novelty factor. Larger specimens sported a small nipple. Don’t recall ever seeing, let alone trying this exotic (to me) fruit.

The gentleman offered us a taste. Flavor somewhat reminiscent of mango, juicy with an overall pleasant appeal. We stopped by after lunch and bagged a few. Will do a dissection and deep dive when stomach capacity allows.

I’d popped my sample slice whole and proclaimed “yum”. My Chinese speaking companion translated the proper procedure is to eat sans peel. Oh well, extra roughage never hurts.


Interesting. Just bought speed train tickets to Chiayi City earlier this evening. I’d previously suggested Alishan as a possible day trip from Chiayi. May be fun to see some fruit on the tree and explore a farm or two.


Walking around last night, trying to work off lunch. Not hungry in the least. Until…… we spotted this. In an instant, ready to eat again.

Every well rounded meal starts with:

Some vege:

The Center of the Plate.

Goose intestine. An acquired taste that I acquired many years ago. These snappy toothsome bites always a fitting accompaniment to a goose dinner.

Goose offal in a nice gingery broth.

Of course, white rice drizzled with goose fat oil with bits of fried garlic.

Can’t forget wife’s favorite’s favorite, pork blood (or goose blood?) infused rice cakes. White bitter melon in the background.

Sure we will have better goose as we trek south. However this meal scratched the itch while in Taipei.



I love travelogues but, man, those food items are intense.

Can’t wait to see more! We gotta bring our Spring Onion to Asia soon.

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GREAT WRITE-UP! So enjoyable and ’ salivating ’ to read!! :yum: :yum: :+1: :+1:

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Fo’ sure!! We’d brought our young (teen/pre) ABC nieces to Taiwan and Korea. Much added enjoyment for us to marvel at all the new experiences through their eyes.

I think your onions are not noobs at travel. :slight_smile:

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LOVE GOOSE INTESTINES!!! :yum: :yum: :+1: :+1:

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Loaded up on a classic Taiwanese breakfast this morning, before our two hour speed train ride to Chiayi City.

Fresh soy milk. You specify your preferred level of sweetness, opted for 50%.

Savory soy milk. Soy milk curdled with vinegar, added green onion, tiny salted fish, pickle bits, hot sauce and slices of yowtiou (fried dough sticks). Extra order of yowtiou for dipping.

Chinese pancake with fried egg for me, wifey had hers with added yowtiou.

A basket of fresh steamed pork/vege dumplings rounded out this meal.

Love these simple Taiwan shops dishing out real food for locals.

Back to the hotel to pack. Finished our exotic fruit. Tastes like a cross of a persimmon, mango and a touch of melon. Glad to have tried this new treat, but at usd$22 for two fruit, maybe just one at a time next.

Off to Chiayi!!!


Savory soy milk is fantastic stuff.

Like the Taiwanese version of Budae Jjigae.


My girlfriend (now wife) introduced me to the wonder of Salty Soy Milk some 20 years ago. WTF, never knew such an abomination even existed?!

After she moved to the SFBA, I’d dutifully drive her to the east bay or peninsula on some weekends for her to get her fix. Took a few years, I now no longer have to fake my enjoyment of SSM anymore.

On the bullet to Chiayi now, enjoying some fine in-transit dining. Pork blood rice cake, pork blood cube, ping pong balls of squid ink/fish/pork and daikon. Oh,Thank Heaven for Seven-Eleven!!!