Taishoken tsukemen is coming to San Mateo in May, Afuri to Cupertino in early summer

More reason for you all to drive down:


Chintan ramen:

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Why is every Japanese ramen chain that opens a branch in the US “legendary”?


“somewhat legendary” just doesn’t sell very well i guess.

An idea for the site motto- “Legendary discussions among avid food lovers” instead of “thoughtful discussions among avid food lovers”.



I’m wondering if the ramen trend is here to stay forever or if it will hit critical mass at some point. As much as I like ramen I don’t like it enough to justify waiting 1hr+ to eat it but apparently plenty of people feel otherwise. It would be nice if we could get more places making handmade soba or udon but I guess from a business standpoint it’s just too risky to do anything other than what the public wants at the current moment.

I believe ramen is here for a long long time, much like sushi. The reason is that the love for ramen is quiet deep, not superficial. I also love udon and soba. In fact, I probably like a good udon more than a good ramen. I think the 1+ hour wait is only for the popular well-love Ramen shops. There are plenty ramen shops you can go in with zero or 5 min wait time.

Separately, I thought boba tea hit critical mass 5-10 years ago. But apparently, the trend is still growing.

I think it’s here forever, despite the long lines, higher price point and relative sameness of flavor profiles, compared to a good bowl of Chinese noodles. You could have wondered the same about pizza around 1955. Much of small town America had never heard of pizza until Dean Martin resorded “That’s Amore” (but why did pasta fazool get slighted?)

It’s a thing.