Taisan Haukee Restaurant [San Francisco, Inner Richmond]

I had an early dinner at Taisan Haukee, a new-ish claypot rice specialist (specifically Taishanese claypot and other Taishanese dishes) restaurant in the Inner Richmond, where Dong Bei Mama used to be.

I actually went for a late lunch at around 4:30pm, but when I went in was told that the chef wasn’t in and to try back after 5pm (they are open 11am - 9pm). So I went a few doors down and had a drink at the Hearth bar. When I came back after five it was more than half full and I was warned that there would be a long wait for food :stuck_out_tongue:. I decided to stick it out though and eventually got my order in with a bit of initiative. The restaurant filled up quickly on a Saturday night.

I had the #8 Preserved Veggie & Pork Patty Clay Pot Rice ($12.95) which was delicious. There was a homestyle minced pork patty with preserved mustard greens on top of claypot rice. The patty was flavorful and juicy, and the preserved greens provided a nice salty and slightly sour counterpoint. The rice was cooked perfectly. It was fluffy and had a crispy crust on the bottom of the claypot. I’ll be back to try some more claypots - the yellow eel claypot and the brisket claypot in particular caught my eye.



Great to see Toishan food get some recognition. Thanks!!

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Gonna have to put that on my list. I love clay pot!

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