Taipei vegetarian and/or seafood?

My lucky husband gets a trip to Taiwan for business next week with a LOT of down time (I say lucky because the company that invited him sent him a plane ticket, and it included a 24 hour layover in Tokyo on the way home…Tokyo is also where our son lives with his wife…so he gets a free visit!).

Anyway, he will be staying near the Taipei City MRT station. He is looking for any food suggestions, with the caveat that some English (at least on the menu) would be useful, as he speaks no Mandarin or Taiwanese. He does not eat any meat but will eat seafood, so good veggie or seafood options are a must. He is particularly wary of “mystery meat” so very much wants to know what he’s eating.

Bonus points for good Indian and inexpensive!

Try Yang Shin 養心茶樓. They are a vegetarian dim sum restaurant. They have the vegetarian equivalent of the Cantonese dim sum classics, plus some innovative vegetarian dimsums that branch out from the classics.

Their web site also has english. They are near the Songjiang Nanjing station.

They are quite popular and crowded. May help to have reservations.

Here’s a blog I’ve looked at a lot:

There are a lot of Vegetarian options listed and a few Indian. Don’t forget to wander about the big food courts- Taipei City Hall is close to Taipei 101 which has a big food court.

Sorry I don’t have any specific recommendations. I had only a brief visit in the last 20 years.

Thanks…turns out DH didn’t take any of our suggestions:-) He reported back that just about anywhere in Taipei you can get a great bowl of noodles for around 3 or 4 bucks equivalent…and since he loves noodles that was pretty much what he ate while he was there:-). (Other than a few meals hosted by the folks he was doing business with, and of course they chose the restaurants…). He decided his entertainment would be comparing local noodle places…:slight_smile:

But it looks like the business relationship will be ongoing, and he will have repeat trips. And next time I told him he needed to take me, so I am keeping these recommendations in mind:-) Especially the vegetarian dim sum. I love dim sum, and DH always is reluctant to eat it because of the amount of meat involved…so that recommendation was a gem!

Yang Shin mentioned above is very good. We visited it twice within a week in November. Making a reservation is highly recommended.

What did you like when you ate there? Are there other places you’d recommend in Taipei?

Tofu with pumpkin sauce, Dan-tar with a layer of caramel between the custard and crust.