Taipei in Spring. First 24 hours.

Shabu Shabu. That’s what’s for dinner.

A pleasant 66°f last night at 9pm. Per usual, the locals in their Noth Face Puffers give me the surreptitious side eye as I amble by in shorts and fit flops. It’s cool, I’m used to the look.

Unlike Da’An, where we usually stay, the immediate area around our North Taipei hotel doesn’t seem to have as much late night activity. The few ubiquitous convenience stores and some Shabu Shabu shops. Hot Pot it is.

Individual hot pots are popular here. Our base came with Veggies, Fish Cakes, Rice Vermicelli, Enoki, Shitake and Surimi. Choice of protein, we chose Lamb and Chicken.

A simple help-yourself condiment bar to craft your dipping sauces to your preference. Bird’s Eye Chile Pepper here seem to pack more fire power than back home, a good thing. Cilantro, Scallions, Grated Garlic, Vinegar, Soya…all the usual suspects.

I had Rice for my starch, DW chose dry Instant Noodle. The Lamb and the chicken were indeed tasty. So much so that we were compelled to order the Pork and Beef as well.

A tactical error. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. No room for the swirl yourself Ice Cream Smoothie. No regrets. A warm comforting homey meal to start our 3 weeks in Taiwan. I predict many good eats ahead.


We are not breakfast people. In Taiwan, we gladly make an exception.

Woke up at 2am, surfed a few hours while DW got her beauty sleep. Out and about at 9am, ready to eat!

Walked by a KFC building with a giant bucket, eye catching. In Taiwan, Harland is not known by his military (?) rank of Colonel, but to an even higher designation as GRANDFATHER!! Taiwanese know Ronald McDonald as Uncle, not quite as revered as grandfather.

In Asia, one can pretty much go in any direction and wander into good food. Spied a short queue, stacks of steamer baskets and chattering workers over hot plates and outdoor ovens. Breakfast!!!

Kept it light and simple, not easy when we wanted everything!!

Omelette, Salty Soy Milk, Pancake with Egg and iconic Green Onion Pancake. Everything griddle to enjoyment in seconds, tasty!! With enough fuel for the next leg of our journey, lunch.


Many of the lunch eateries in this locale open at 11am, catering to the locals and office crowd. We walked by this one shop as they were setting up, but they did not officially open for another 20 minutes.

The staff was busily running out fresh cooked items to finish stocking the buffer, but I noticed a couple of folks inside already filling their trays. I sent my guide inside to inquire if we may partake, yes!!!

I LOVE these bento help yourself buffets. Pick and choose what you desire, the cashier eyes your haul and charges what he deems appropriate. He/she will usually poke under your selections to make sure you aren’t secreting any pricey items from calculation.

We didn’t even hit the Fried Whole Fish and Fried Chicken and more section, no more room on our two service trays! Help yourself to Soup of the Day and hot tea. Grand total: NT270 = USD$8.39. Lunch for two.

Picked up a Pineapple and Melon on the way back to hotel. Purveyors wash and cut you whole fruit selections, usual service.

Made for a delicious after Night Market snack later.


The island has the bestest fruits. Ever.


Light and simple must mean different things in Taiwanese… 輕巧簡約?


Scored some gorgeous Wax Apples today. Chillin’ in the mini fridge now.

Gonna be sooo good!!!


Too early for durian.

My very first visit was in the summer, durian was piled high by the supermarkets’ entrances!

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We used to have a tree.

Not anymore.

Says all I need to say about how I feel about Wax Apples. :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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