Taipei Gourmet Lexington MA

Reopened under new Management.


Your write-ups of what you have had there are fabulous!! I am so hungry after reading them.


The Boiled Fish sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the detailed and useful reviews.


Please please please please please tell me the food will be the same. It remained, for this past decade, one of my top two spots in the greater Boston-area for delicious Asian fare (the other being Sichuan Garden in Woburn).

Taipei Gourmet has some of the best xia long baos I’ve had as well as many other delicious dishes. I used to drive there from Waltham regularly for takeout and brought many friends and family to that place over the years

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How can it be the same with new owners and new chef? Unrealistic hopes.

fair :frowning:

I wound up going with Mrs_Jimbob and Family_Jimbob before the fireworks started on Lexington Green. I was not aware that the management and chef had changed. Can’t say I was disappointed – it remains a reliable place for flavorful, thoughtfully prepared TaiWan style fare. The soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, ko-cha dish (or what I like to call Hakka hotchpotch), three cup eggplant and tofu, dry fried green beans, and chow foon all delivered at the high level that I have come to expect from this place. I was saddened to see the TaiWan section of Asian Gourmet in Concord shutter its doors, so it makes me all the happier that TaiPei Gourmet is still on its A game.