Tacos on Hudson, Hastings-on-Hudson NY

We’ve been meaning to stop in here ever since @chowdom recommended it a few months ago, and last night seemed like the perfect time to go out for tacos (just in case!). This little place serves a nice line up of tacos, as well as tostadas, burritos, burgers, salads, a half chicken entree and a few sides. You seat yourself, place your order at the front, pick up your own silverware and salsas, and then they bring you the food on paper plates. BYOB, which we didn’t realize before we went, but there is a Foodtown with a decent beer selection just around the corner.

I am low-carbing so I actually ended up ordering a burger, which was listed on the menu as a Brisket (1/4 lb) burger. I asked for it over a salad, no bun, which seemed to cause some confusion - there was just one young server taking orders and running food, and there seemed to be a bit of a language barrier between him and the kitchen (which is exposed). Anyway, I mistakenly took the menu listing for Brisket to mean that the burger would come topped with the beef brisket they use in their brisket tacos, and didn’t ask for clarification, so I was disappointed when my burger was just a burger. I also didn’t specify how I wanted it cooked (nor did they ask), and it came out absolutely incinerated. My fault, but when I questioned the server about the lack of brisket he graciously offered to swap my entree or have the burger remade for me (rare).

My husband ordered a brisket taco so I was able to sample it anyway, and it was delicious! However, the best thing BY FAR were the Brussels sprouts - insanely good. They were roasted crispy and then tossed with their arbol salsa, cheese, mayo and cilantro. DH also had a pastor taco and a steak taco, both of which were tasty enough but definitely needed salsa or something to make them a little more interesting. I tasted their passionfruit habanero salsa, which was not too sweet and had a good kick, and their roasted tomato salsa, which was smoky but otherwise a bit bland.

IMO the prices are a little high given that it’s not a full service restaurant, with most tacos coming in around $4-4.50 - that’s what I pay at one of my favorite taquerias in midtown Manhattan, and it is full service. Tacos el Poblano in downtown Yonkers is also full service, with a much broader menu and lower price. I’d come back for the Brussels sprouts, though!

Thanks for the report!

Well, we ended up here again the other day, for Sunday lunch this time! We got lucky with timing - I think we got to the restaurant around 11:45, and it was mostly empty, but by the time we left around 12:30 it was getting full, mostly with families with young children (not my favorite dining crowd, especially given the small seating area). Anyway, I had more of the fabulous Brussels sprouts this time, as well as a shrimp Veracruzana taco and an al Pastor taco. Both good, although the shrimp one was missing the capers promised in the menu (and it really would have benefited from them). Also, at $5 for three smallish shrimp in the filling, it was definitely overpriced. They charge for chips, but had a bowl out as “free samples,” so we grabbed a few to taste all of the salsas this time - the tomatillo is nice for those who like a mild green salsa, and the arbol and passionfruit habanero are both excellent if you like spice.

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