Tacos near ocean grove (nj)?

Basically, that’s the question. What’s near that’s food and cheap?

MOGO!!! Korean fusion tacos… on the boardwalk in Asbury park right after the first pavilion you pass if you walk through from Ocean Grove. They also have a brick-and-mortar on Cookman Avenue in AP. They’re DELICIOUS and inexpensive.


At the opposite end of the taco spectrum from Mogo, is The Bradley Cafe. It is primarily a breakfast/lunch place only open until 2 (and closed on Tuesdays). In addition to their tacos, we like their huevos rancheros, chilaquiles (especially with tongue), and torta sandwiches.

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All of the authentic places in the area put out good stuff for cheap. In Asbury you have Tapatia, Sierra El Comedor, and Plaza Garibaldi. In Bradley you can check out Bradley Cafe and Panchos.

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Granted the tacos at Mogo are bigger than the Mexican places, but they are also twice the price… I wouldn’t call a $5 taco “cheap.”

As compared to the rest of the places in AP, I do think MOGO is cheap!

Oh, look at Ms. Moneybags over here! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Barrio has expensive tacos. But MOGO??

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Not everyone has the wealth for that luxurious lake side Asbury Park living like you do :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:

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How many people are going with you?

Long branch has about 7 or 8 spots within a quarter mile, or less. You could do a taco crawl.

Speaking of which, we should probably do a HO down LB taco crawl. There are places popping up all over…or maybe wait until after labor day.


I’m in. Now that school is closed for the summer I have time for a lot more of these wonderful, crazy ideas.

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El Oaxaqueno
La Valentina
Los Papagallos
El Rincon de la Costa
Mi Pueblo Querido
El Buen Sabor
Taquitos Buenadventura

There is a new one too I think on broad. I forgot the name

CurlzNJ: What is your opinion on the quality of the food at Barrio? Thinking of going there on Saturday before the Southside Johnny concert. Need a place between AP train station and the Stone Pony. Other top priorities are 1. Takes reservations 2. Can accommodate a party of 6 3. Casual dress code 4. Good food. In other words, price is not in the top 5.

I think Barrio would fit your bill then, although this late the reservations could be tough

Thanks - we’re eating early (for that neighborhood anyway) so reservation was no problem.

Sorry for the delay, Ellen–I’ve been away the last few days. Glad you got a reservation there! The other rec I would have made is their sister restaurant, Reyla, which is quickly becoming my go-to. Barrio’s food is v good, but the portions are SMALL. Just be prepared for that and you’ll enjoy it, I’m sure! Thankfully Reyla is only partially following suit; they also do small plates, but as I told them on my first visit, theirs aren’t ridiculously small for the price. Maybe that’s changed at Barrio, but I’ve only been in there for happy hour/specials in the last 6 months and haven’t heard otherwise from friends in the area. DO let us know, please! (And I’ll be at Southside as well!)