Tacos El Poblano, Yonkers, NY

We finally took @chowdom’s advice and went to Tacos El Poblano for my stepdaughter’s birthday last night. She was in the mood for Mexican, so even though we knew this wouldn’t be the chain stuff she’s used to, we decided to give it a go.

The neighborhood, as anyone who has been to downtown Yonkers at night knows, leaves much to be desired (having lived in Queens for 15 years, though, this is not a major concern). There is a TINY parking area, maybe four spots, but we found a meter right around the corner so no big deal. The restaurant is equally small, with only 5 or 6 tables and a takeout counter. We were the only non-Spanish speakers in the place, and got a few quizzical looks, but the food was worth it! My stepdaughter was disappointed that no chips and salsa were served, but the excellent guacamole we ordered more than made up for it. Between the three of us, we ordered bistec a la Mexicana, tamale de mole, nachos and lengua, chorizo and barbacoa tacos. All very good, although slightly undersalted to my palate, but that was easy to fix. The nachos and tacos were definitely the standouts, especially the barbacoa taco. Delicious, succulent meat, and TONS of it - so much that I basically made a second taco with the second tortilla and half the filling. Tortillas were tender and clearly fresh. The chorizo was the only disappointment - it was oddly bland and dry. Prices were very reasonable and portions were huge.

We were stuffed so didn’t have dessert, but the flan and hot chocolate both looked amazing. They also had a special dish on the menu that I didn’t bother to google before ordering and afterwards I wished I had - Huaxmole. Apparently it’s a seasonal goat stew made with guaje seeds, chiles and tomatoes - a Poblano specialty only available in the fall. I’m hoping to get back there in the next couple of weeks to sample it! They also have a sister restaurant, La Fonda Poblana el Mexicana, but unfortunately it is closed for renovations. It looks like it is a larger space that should offer a lot more in the way of seating and atmosphere when finished.

They have REALLY cheap lunch specials and the takeout counter seemed to be fast and efficient, so if you find yourself in downtown Yonkers at lunchtime, it’s worth a look! We’ll be back for sure.


Glad you enjoyed it. And I am totally enjoying your posts as you explore your new area!!


I’m really glad to hear La Fonda is going to reopen, I was
under the assumption they had closed permanently.

Well, I hope they do! The sign in the window said they were closed for renovation, but the permit was a year old so not sure if they had to change their plans or what. I do hope they reopen, it would be nice to have a slightly more upscale option with equally delicious food.

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Interesting you just brought this up. I hadn’t been Tacos El Poblano in around a dozen years. I was in the area the other day and decided to stop in for lunch. The three car lot was full, and so was every parking space close by. I recently became partially disabled and can’t walk too far, so I had to go elsewhere. It’s nice to hear that they are still doing a good job. I look forward to getting there soon. I’ll have to make a point of it. There are quite a few good places in the downtown Yonkers area that I haven’t been to in years.

Thanks for reporting back, Bio! Sounds like a great casual spot.