Tacos El Patron in Pleasant Hill

We recently were in Concord and had a late lunch at Tacos El Patron. This place is highly rated on Yelp, but that usually does not mean much. This review is based on our one visit but we will definitely come back when we are in the area again.

Tacos El Patron is a gem. It’s a small, inexpensive, homey taqueria with friendly down to earth service and excellent food. Here is what we ate:

Guacamole. I love guacamole but am usually disappointed with restaurant versions which can often be insipid and unbalanced. The gold standard restaurant versions of Guac for me are the good versions at Picante in Berkeley. The El Patron guac was in this league: creamy with satisfying nutty avocado flavor with well balanced acidity and seasoning.

Taco Patron - a fried taco stuffed with melted cheese and shrimp. Perfectly executed: Not greasy and full of flavor.

Birria taco- marinated meat taco with dipping broth. Deeply flavored.

Lengua (tongue) and cabeza (head) tacos - both were well seasoned, moist, not greasy and tasty

The food comes with different salsas. Our favorite was the fiery habanero.


Kind of weird how this popped up on top of the HO feed this morning 7/3/2020 without any comments attached. I just checked and El Patron is still open for take-out, at least.

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