Tacoma and environs - seeking outdoor dining

Hey all, my kiddo just started Uni in Tacoma, and we’ll be visiting from time to time and needing lunch and dinner ideas. I am not ready to brave it yet to do indoor dining, so my highest priority is places that have all weather outdoor dining (yelp will say outdoor, but won’t say if it is all weather). Something covered, with fire or heaters, AND with circulating air. Any and all recommendations appreciated. Any type of food/budget is fine. I know in my town during covid, something like 1/3 of the restaurants put together some outdoor seating in front of their places with all of the above features, when they had never had that type of thing before.

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@Lambchop tagging you in case you have any ideas. Recs for Gig Harbor are also welcome. Only criteria is the all weather outdoor patio.

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Unfortunately @Sasha, things aren’t very promising currently. I took a friend out for a birthday lunch on Tuesday, and didn’t see anyone dining outside, nor any special event tents for outdoor seating. This included downtown Tacoma, the Ruston waterfront, and the north end and Procter area as well. Otherwise, have been on the DL as far as restaurants go, these past few months.

There should be good options for take out however. I would advise calling anywhere you may decide to go in advance to ensure they’re even open, doing takeout, or may in fact have outdoor seating. Things have been so back and forth through out the pandemic, I do think more often than not, the websites are not in fact updated.

I wish I could be more specific or helpful, but I do hope you find some good grub.

Thank you. And as you get out more, or do more takeout, I’d love it you posted about it on this regional board. I would be most appreciative of suggestions. We just returned from there today, but we were en route to Pacific Beach, and only stopped in Tacoma briefly each way to grab the kid. Another time we visit, I will be excited to explore Gig Harbor and walk around. Another new one for us.

Of course I will! Actually thought of a place on 6th Avenue - It’s Greek To Me - for casual Greek food and takeout. The dining in area is in a converted gas station or car repair shop, so has garage type doors (or door) that opens in warmer months. It’s possible they’re keeping it open for good ventilation, but not sure. Someplace you may want to investigate. Food is consistently decent, have been going for a couple decades now.

Will post more as I think of them, but am at a loss still for outdoor dining…

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I recommend the Alma Patio on Fawcett downtown! They have an outdoor dining that is properly socially distanced and covered, and each table has a little heater above it. It’s a fast casual type place but the food and drinks are very decent and the atmosphere depends on the time of day and crowd – it can be lively or mellow. Sometimes there’s even live music.