Taco Stop -South Amboy

This small place just opened last week a block away from Fernandes 3. It promises Authentic Mexican cuisine. I plan to try it this Sunday. I promise Authentic Gringo opinion


Pork chop in green sauce seems a pretty unusual menu item to me, and I love the verde.

Cool :sunglasses:

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Might be partly just a practical decision, that once a restaurant commits to offering pork chops on the menu - and therefore commits to ordering a bunch of pork chops - they will want to make sure they get sold; having different ways of serving them increases the chance for sales. Nobody wants an underemployed ingredient lounging on their couch. :slight_smile:

And hey, if they cook that pork chop nicely, then count me in for trying the green sauce!

It also ties in with “Truly authentic authentic cooking”, which says that if life hands you pork chops, you better start coming up with some pork chop recipes. :smile:


Had lunch here today. It opened 1:00pm
Arrived not soon after. Place already pretty busy. Small line then waited approx 20 min for order to arrive
Had 5 difft tacos. Tripe,tongue, birria, carnitas, al pastor.
All were good, corn 2x soft shell with onions and cilantro.

If your in area, it is a great choice for a meal. Besides Fernandes 3, there are really few options.
Open kitchen, looks like family run business. Few small tables inside with 4 picnic tables outside
There is parking front and back.